Monday, April 11, 2005

Kicking the tires

I have always been technologically retarded and behind the times when it comes to anything other than a television or a radio. I am not sure if my complacency in advancing myself digitally is based on fear or ignorance ... or perhaps both. It seems as though the minute a new gadget comes out, it is obsolete. Why buy a computer with a Pentium IV processor when Pentium XIIs are sitting in factories just waiting for their chance to be rolled out to a giddy, salivating public?

Getting new technology is like dating men: if you wait long enough, something better always comes along. And it's almost always prettier, more compact, and can make your friends extremely envious. I date about as well as I update my technology. At first I am all excited about the possibilities and then after trying it out a few times, I realize that my life is really no better off with it than it was without it. So I move on and/or wait for the next best thing to come along.

My DVD player is about two years old and I have about 30 DVDs - not really enough to be considered a collection but enough for me to have something to choose from should I have company over. I burned all of my CDs onto my old laptop and then figured, "who needs the CDs now when I can just burn the songs I want?" This bright idea came to me before the iPod craze, and subsequently before the old laptop had an aneurysm and just stopped functioning one afternoon. These days, I now own maybe 50 CDs. So with this process I start all back over again - sort of like beginning a new relationship. I only recently acquired a digital camera in December 2004 and that's because my then-boyfriend bought it for me as a Christmas gift. My website is not even a year old yet and - until I moved to my current home - my laptop was on a dial-up connection.

But I thought I would give the blogging thing a try to sort of dip my toe in the world of technology. I almost always have an opinion and something to say about any given subject. And if you are one of the few who will check back to my blogspot from time to time, you are either very interested in what I have to say or you have no life. Either way, I welcome you to my corner of the world. And who knows, if all goes well here, I might break down and buy that iPod soon.

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