Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Random Thoughts

I adore my friends, love my family, and think neatness is underrated.

Yes, Dop really is my name.

A really good night for me ranges from kicking it up with friends, to kicking back with a mate and chugging a beer, to kicking a few old people at the bus stop (ok, obviously I am kidding here - I NEVER take the bus).

I have found Club Monaco; ergo I have discovered Nirvana.

When I joked with my friend Dave about my being "chunky", he corrected me by saying that I am "muscular with a layer of love". This, I love.

I'm a huge fan of cuddling and kissing. And I am damn good at both.

I also like U.S. history, architecture, popcorn, traveling, design, food, crossword puzzles, baseball, writing, biographies, Da Vinci, Escher, Erte, "The Family Guy", movies, and laughing.

I must have missed the memo on "bois". Can someone tell me what happened to the "y"?

Likewise, I must have slept-in the day they taught that 3/4 length pants are cool (or is that “kewl”?). Pants or shorts - those are your options.

Men who wear glasses are a huge turn-on.

Baby strollers should be registered with the FBI as dangerous instruments. And so should their occupants.

I'm sort of opinionated.

I might forget your name, but I never forget a face. This has been both a blessing and a curse.

My friend Andrew told me that "dop" in South Africa means "drink". This may very well explain why I seem to attract alcoholics.

I believe in, and practice, monogamy.

I have a huge tattoo on my left arm of a dragon. I also have one piercing (no, not there).

I seem to have trouble remembering men who are named Greg (again, just the name, not the face).

I believe we love everyone the same amount - we just prefer to be with some people more than others (see A Little Bit In Love, my blog entry pertaining to such).

I shower everyday ... sometimes twice.

I can't cook, can't arrange flowers, can't buy antiques, can't do hair or make-up, and can't tell if your shoes are Prada or Payless. But I seemed to have gotten the decorator gene, I like working outside, I make my bed everyday, and I can lift heavy stuff.

I dress casually and I rarely buy anything that I have to dry-clean, iron, or tuck in.

Loud children annoy me ... and so do their parents.

Pleated pants are the comb-over of the new millennium.

I was asked out by someone who said I looked "edgy". That made me giggle.

My only relationship with "Crystal" is that she was my fiancĂ©e back in 1985. Other than that, the word is not in my vernacular. And come to think of it, neither is “vernacular”.

I would rather your face be cute and your body need work than the other way around.

"Reality TV" bores me to death.

All people who generalize are stupid.

I tend to be attracted to all types, however lean, tall guys turn my head most. That’s “lean” as is thin, not as is “I spend my summers at a Sudanese refugee camp”.

I am not a fan of Abercrombie & Fitch - it's unoriginal clothing for a conformist nation.

If you weren't smacked as a child, I doubt we will get along. If your parents didn't break at least one wooden spoon over your ass, I am not going to be the one who teaches you manners.

BOOK du JOUR: "A Separate Peace" by John Knowles
MUSIC du JOUR: Rob Thomas, Casey Stratton, Slim Yelow, Queen, Weezer
TV du JOUR: "The West Wing" on BRAVO and whatever Netflix sends me
WEB du JOUR: davelandweb; gorillabeach; danoramaproductions

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