Monday, June 27, 2005


I made my boss cry today.

Today I submitted my resignation to
The Empower Program, a national non-profit that envisions a world where young people are safe from being bullied, harassed, and victimized. At Empower, I have been Director of Operations for the last three years. I came to this organization when it was struggling, barely able to make payroll, and somewhere around $60,000.00 in debt. Today, three years later, the operating budget has almost tripled, salaries increased 15%, and the agency is now almost 100% program funded – no more relying on grants and donations to stay in business. All of this means that I can walk out of the office on my last day of work, Friday, August 26th, with a huge sense of accomplishment that my abilities not only kept this business open, but allowed it to thrive and prosper to the national non-profit organization that it is.

In most instances I am a humble person - not really one to toot my own horn. However, in matters of business, well… I rock. As Director of Operations, I am essentially the CFO: I oversee all budgeting, accounting, banking, billing, invoicing and all other financial matters. Along with that, I handle all insurance coverage, annual fiscal audits, tax preparation and payment, non-profit tax filing, and vending accounts. I also serve to manage the Human Resource Department by processing payroll, administering annual reviews, performing annual salary audits and administering benefits. Along with this, I teach classes to middle school-aged boys about how boys' definitions of masculinity affect how they present themselves to others and how they interact with and treat other people.

I guess it’s no wonder my boss cried when I told her I was leaving.

After I explained to her that it is just my time to go, and that I wanted to move to Chicago, she began to understand. With my roommate selling his house and my needing to find another place to live, as well as the ending of a relationship in March that left me feeling a little empty and needing to create new friendships, and going as far in my current job as I could go (the next step would be my boss’s position, Executive Director, for which I hired her a year ago), the time seems right for me to start over in a new place. Having lived in DC for the last 10 years, I have found my life to be stagnate and lacking much interest. I was asked recently what my hobbies are, and I didn’t have an answer. So it's time to invigorate myself. And my gut tells me that Chicago is the place to do it.

I am sure I will have another entry to my blog after my last day of work here, but for right now, I feel sad – sad that this place and these people will no longer be in my daily life, and sad that I am leaving it in the hands of someone I don’t know and haven’t met … someone who couldn’t possibly care about it as much as I did – as much as I do.

And sad that I made my boss cry today.


  1. Enjoyed your post; well written. Good luck in Chicago. Regards,

  2. Hey - I wish I knew more about your organization... since I am in a middle school and its all about my kiddos.

    I've been enjoying your blog - keep it goin even tho you are leaving us here in DC and entering a new phase in your life... I added it to my list of "regularly visited" blogs on my blog.....