Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bob Mould is Haunting Me

Lately I have been catching the glimpse of this man at the gym (no, not in the locker room). It’s not an “undressing me with his eyes” kinda glimpse, but I can tell he was looking at me. I smile back politely because he is unobtrusive. We’ve nodded to each other in acknowledgement, but we've never spoken. Not even a quick ‘hey” at the water fountain. He certainly seems nice enough, but I have just never taken the step to say hello.

A few weeks ago, my ADVOCATE came in the mail and I open it to see an article about the guy at the gym. I find out that his name is Bob Mould, which immediately means nothing to me. And then it states that he was a member of the alternative 80’s buzz saw band, and arguably the pioneers of indie-rock, Hüsker Dü. After which, he created the 90’s noise-pop band, SUGAR. And then I think to myself, “holy shit, I am being cruised by a music legend!”

Out to dinner a few nights later, my friend, Kevin (not kb), randomly asks me if I know who Bob Mould is. The very next day, my roommate Ashley mentions Bob Mould’s name. And this week, Metro Weekly – DC’s fag rag and gossip pages – features Bob Mould as the cover story.

Bob Mould is everywhere. He moved to DC two years ago. And now there seems to be Mould growing on everything in the city. He DJ’s at a basement musclebear dance party called Blowoff at the 9:30 Club, DC’s premier band concert venue.

DC is a small, incestuous little town. I seriously think that the gay social scene here is 3 degrees of separation. But when the same person, or at least the same name, keeps popping up in disturbing succession, it makes you wonder what the universe has in store. And I am not talking about this in a “dating” sort of way. It’s like being a kid and seeing your teacher in the mall or supermarket; first, you wonder what they are doing there and, second, you get the epiphanous thought, “ohmigod, they eat and shop too??”

I guess I should finally say hello to Bob Mould. It is a bit surprising that for someone who yelled and screamed through a decade and would perform in front of thousands of people, could actually be a bit reticent and shy. I don’t have that problem, much to my chagrin at times. I plan on striking down this ghost and say hello to the man. One more friend can’t hurt. Especially a friend whom I oddly seem to know already.


  1. i would be willing to wager that this entire entry was built around the phrase "there seems to be Mould growing on everything in the city." come on dt... am i right?

  2. Bob is a nice guy in person :) He has a blog, in case you didn't know.

  3. Right, Bob's a very nice guy, and hardly a diva (although I don't know him, we have lots of mutual friends, natch). Check out his "Blowoff" thingy at the 9:30 Club, which is lots 'o' fun.