Saturday, July 16, 2005


I finally broke down and bought an iPod the other day. It’s been in the plan for a long time, but I just hadn’t gotten around to doing it. I always had this fear that the minute I bought it, a new mp3 device would come out and I would be suddenly passé once again. I never seem to get ahead of the curve. Not only do I resemble Charlie Brown, but I also seem to have acquired his streak of luck as well.

But I digress.

Not understanding how this whole system works, I had been slowly downloading music from, which is a great way of listening to music and finding songs you either forgot about or secretly love and don’t want to be caught buying the CD (I will admit a guilty pleasure for The Partridge Family). Rhapsody basically makes your computer a jukebox of everything you’ve ever wanted. It is worth the $10 I pay per month to listen to anything I want to hear (at least I think that’s what it is. Between Netflix, T∙mobile, the gym, web hosting and God knows what else that is being monthly deducted from my bank account, I can’t remember what I pay for anything anymore).

But I digress again.

I thought all the Rhapsody songs would automatically get transferred into my iTunes, the warehouse program that houses all of the songs that will be on the iPod. And for 5 minutes, it looked like they were all well on the way to being transferred. Until I opened iTunes and found it completely empty. Surprise, all the songs are write-protected. Duh.

So I went through the dubious task of uploading all the CDs I own into iTunes. And basically, I hate all of my music. Loading your CDs onto iTunes is the emotional equivalent to going on a hot date and realizing you have nothing to wear. Everything in your closet is either out of style or makes you look fat; same with my CD collection. All of the music is a few years old with the exception of the new Rob Thomas CD that I bought only because I think he’s a fox (okay, even my vocabulary is out of style – is it any wonder I like the Partridge Family?).

And since I have a laptop whose built-in speakers sound like someone singing through a cardboard tube, I had to buy new speakers. I tried a brand from GE, which upgraded the sound output from paper towel holder to tin can telephone. So I went to Best Buy and bought Bose speakers instead (for which there truly is no match).

So it’s all official now – with the addition of the iPod I have now graduated into being a more groovy guy. If I were straight, I might be considered a full-blown geek. However, since I am gay, I am just considered…well, gayer.