Saturday, July 16, 2005


I finally broke down and bought an iPod the other day. It’s been in the plan for a long time, but I just hadn’t gotten around to doing it. I always had this fear that the minute I bought it, a new mp3 device would come out and I would be suddenly passé once again. I never seem to get ahead of the curve. Not only do I resemble Charlie Brown, but I also seem to have acquired his streak of luck as well.

But I digress.

Not understanding how this whole system works, I had been slowly downloading music from, which is a great way of listening to music and finding songs you either forgot about or secretly love and don’t want to be caught buying the CD (I will admit a guilty pleasure for The Partridge Family). Rhapsody basically makes your computer a jukebox of everything you’ve ever wanted. It is worth the $10 I pay per month to listen to anything I want to hear (at least I think that’s what it is. Between Netflix, T∙mobile, the gym, web hosting and God knows what else that is being monthly deducted from my bank account, I can’t remember what I pay for anything anymore).

But I digress again.

I thought all the Rhapsody songs would automatically get transferred into my iTunes, the warehouse program that houses all of the songs that will be on the iPod. And for 5 minutes, it looked like they were all well on the way to being transferred. Until I opened iTunes and found it completely empty. Surprise, all the songs are write-protected. Duh.

So I went through the dubious task of uploading all the CDs I own into iTunes. And basically, I hate all of my music. Loading your CDs onto iTunes is the emotional equivalent to going on a hot date and realizing you have nothing to wear. Everything in your closet is either out of style or makes you look fat; same with my CD collection. All of the music is a few years old with the exception of the new Rob Thomas CD that I bought only because I think he’s a fox (okay, even my vocabulary is out of style – is it any wonder I like the Partridge Family?).

And since I have a laptop whose built-in speakers sound like someone singing through a cardboard tube, I had to buy new speakers. I tried a brand from GE, which upgraded the sound output from paper towel holder to tin can telephone. So I went to Best Buy and bought Bose speakers instead (for which there truly is no match).

So it’s all official now – with the addition of the iPod I have now graduated into being a more groovy guy. If I were straight, I might be considered a full-blown geek. However, since I am gay, I am just considered…well, gayer.


  1. fat? never! gayer? well... you do have a point.

  2. You now have the badge of urban hi gay identity - the iPod!

  3. Wow! So you bit the bullet too! But it is so hard for me to BELIEVE you got an iPod after the comment you left on my site. Oh, the jealousy!!! The vitriol!!! Is it nice, though? I do envy you, but we'll both be laughed at next year when the better on drops...