Monday, July 11, 2005

Personal Triumphs

Learning to walk, learning to talk, coloring within the lines, riding a bike, conquering my speech impediment, learning to swim, milking a cow, writing cursive, getting mail, learning to skate, being invited to a party, obtaining all the required Cub Scout badges, learning to drive, personally seeing Queen Elizabeth II, completely reading a novel that was not required reading, buying my own high school class ring, scoring 790 on my English SATs, winning a baseball trophy, winning a blue ribbon at an art show, knowing at least two verses of every Christmas carol, being elected to student body government, choosing between two dates for the same night, baking a cake, being a blood donor, teaching Sunday School, going to my prom (with a date, even), playing strip poker and skinny dipping with friends.

Putting in my first pair of contact lenses, being an uncle, driving a manual, being Best Man in a wedding, surviving a potentially fatal car accident, renting my first apartment, surviving a mugging at knifepoint, going to my first gay bar, getting a CD player, performing in AIDS benefits, driving to DC alone and not getting lost, having a cab driver tell me the ride was on him, yelling back at a waitress who said I didn't leave her enough of a tip, being the first man promoted to management in an all-female company, falling in love, having a nameplate, and talking a cop out of giving me a speeding ticket.

Getting flowers, throwing my first party and it being a total success, taking my parents out to dinner, having a bartender know what I drink, quitting a job because someone else was treated unfairly, getting a promotion, turning down a raise, answering a personal ad, knowing when to say when, seeing George Carlin in concert, teaching tennis and swimming lessons, falling for someone based on his personality and not his looks, buying a car, going to a bar with no money and getting completely drunk, my biceps, buying a computer, buying my parents a computer, shaving my head not my body, not sleeping with my ex, and having a DJ send someone to the dancefloor to get me so he could meet me.

Making dinner for somebody, doing my own taxes, having a date on New Year's Eve, being a godparent, working for a non-profit, winning "Most Changed" and my 10-year Reunion, going back to college, attending a toga party, growing a full beard, stealing a street sign, not getting a hair weave, playing spin the bottle, learning to drink beer, meeting the cast of a Broadway show, surviving a stroke, renting a limo, paying off my student loans, going to Mardi Gras, knowing at least one man in every branch of the military, standing up for myself, growing up, making friends that will last a lifetime, my web site, and this blog ... among others.


  1. well i, for one, am proud of you. :-)

  2. Is it a triumph having seeing queen elizabeth 2nd?

    Anyway, well done

    Regards from santiago/chile

  3. It was considering I was 10 at the time and sitting on a tour bus on Pennsylvania Avenue right in front of the White House.