Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A Cab Ride I Enjoyed

The weirdest thing happened to me tonight (alas, weirder than being squirted with a water gun at a bus stop). Well, maybe not completely weird, but it was kinda odd.

Around 10:30 tonight, I walked out of the house and caught a cab to Tom-Tom, a club in Adams Morgan, to celebrate the birthday of my friend
Kelly. I remembered the cab driver because he had a major ear piece for his phone hooked around his head. He drove me to Tom-Tom and I got out.

About two hours later (nice party, by the way), I walked out of the bar and hailed a cab to go back home. A cab pulled over, I got in and it was THE SAME CAB DRIVER! I got in and said hello and then looked at him and said, "Hey wait, didn't you bring me over here??" He turned around and said, "Oh my god, this has never happened to me before!" Me either!

We became immediate friends and talked the entire drive home. He was a really nice man. On the drive over, he was just a person, shuttling me from one place to another. But two hours later, without talking to him between times, we connected and he became a real person.

And I realize that this happens to me every day, all day. I meet people without meeting them. People help me out all the time, make my life easier in some way, and I have no idea who they are. And I do the same for them - and we don't know a thing about each other.

This doesn't mean I am going to start striking up deep, meaningful conversations with the dry cleaner, or the Metro cop, or the CVS cashier. But I hope that I remember that these are people going through their lives - just as I am - trying to get by and, hopefully, striving to do the right thing, helping other people to get through their lives too.


  1. I love talking to cab drivers; always very interesting conversations. As for Metro or CVS--they always seems to have sticks up their asses. CVS employees are the WORST! They are so effing slow and seem to pay far more attention to their conversation with their co-worker than getting the HUGE line in fron tof them rung up and outta there...

  2. When I moved to DC last summer, I lived up in Van Ness (don't ask), so I was constantly riding home drunk in cabs, and I went through a phase where I would generally find out where they were from (not to be insensitive, but most cab drivers in this city didn't grow up in the states) and then discuss whichever country or region they were from. It led to a number of interesting conversations, and with a few genuine questions, you'd be surprised (or maybe not) at how easily these guys would just open up and share their opinions on a plethora of topics. Now that I have moved closer to downtown, I rarely take cabs anymore, but oh, the memories...

  3. Um, Chip, that's Van Mess to you, Buddy! :)

    Dop--you and I both got a mention on DC Blogs!!

  4. Are you STILL in Ptown?? Jesus! Lucky bitch. I am finally at MV, although not partying, more like babysitting. But the weather is divine, and the trip is f-r-e-e free, so can't complain.