Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Commander In Chief

I really want “Commander In Chief”, the new Geena Davis series about the first female president of the United States, to succeed. And for several reasons:

1) Up ‘til now, my favourite series was
“The West Wing”. Not sure why, but I seem to have a woody for the presidency (but not the current President!). For some reason, I had every president memorized in order when I was 10 years old - and can still recite all 43 of them (and with this admission, men across the country are deleting my number from their cell phones).

2) I love me some
Geena (and that is not slang for the party drug GHB). She is a member of MENSA, she’s 6 feet tall, and doesn’t seem to do things half-assed. She’s an actor, a producer, and a writer. I loved her in “Thelma & Louise”, “A League Of Their Own”, “The Accidental Tourist” (for which she won an Oscar), even as far back as “Tootsie”.

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3) As for
Matt Lanter, above, who plays the president’s son, I could spread him on a cracker. I normally am attracted to cute, dorky types and not the pretty boys, but when you’re hot, you’re hot.

4) I have nothing going on Tuesday nights.

5) I think “Commander In Chief” will do for a potential woman U.S. president what
“Will & Grace” did for gays – put the idea in the mainstream and accessible to everyone. After you get used to it on television, it’s not too hard to accept it in real life.

Men, some completely unqualified, have been running the country for the past 230 years. We have been successful because as we all know, no one person does it alone. It is teams of people who make the decisions about how to govern the country, and sometimes even the president is not even included in that team.

I fully support the idea of a
woman being POTUS as long as she is qualified, intelligent and has some experience in her background (unlike certain Supreme Court nominees).


  1. who you calling dork? oh wait... ummm... nevermind.

  2. >>>>>>>>>>>> I concur with potentially seeing a woman in the presidency but suspect we'll have a ways to go on that. Think the first female president will have to show and command a presence among the international field and in foreign affairs. And you can drop the idea of promoting Hilary - don't think she cut it! Nor will she have my vote should she run and get the Democratic nomination, regardless of her platform.
    That's my opinion, liked or disliked.

    Boy, you're on a writing flurry here Dop. Time to kill, aye. Watch some of the World Series.
    >>>>>>>>>> Tony

  3. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>KB

    Slap him up side the head!


  4. Guess we'll have to see... maybe they are trying to pave the way for Hillary.

  5. I agree with all of your points, especially #2. I can't believe how tall Geena is! Damn! :-)