Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Feeling Safer?

Last year, Democratic Massachusetts Senator John Kerry was not elected president because "W" convinced the majority of the voting public that Kerry could not keep them safe.

1) 2,000 Americans have died in Iraq. So far.

2) High placed Republicans (Karol Rove and Lewis Libby) are under investigation for outing the identity of a CIA agent.

3) Gasoline is $3.00 per gallon.

4) Hurricane Katrina aftermath.

5) Federal judgeship appointments are given to White House aides who have never been judges.

6) America has staggering poverty, under-funded schools, and a global warming emergency.

7) The leaders of each house of Congress are under indictment and investigation for conspiracy and fraud respectively.

8) Halliburton just won numerous government contracts to help rebuild the Gulf Coast.

9) The federal government is all but bankrupt with a deficit in the trillions of dollars.

10) Our borders, ports and nuclear power plants are still not secure.

11) Osama Bin Laden is still at large.

So it's not even one year later. How much safer do you feel?


  1. I feel about as safe as a choirboy in the vatican...... or the prom queen at a prison rodeo.... take your pick, either way were getting screwed.

  2. easy dop... everyone knows global warming is just a theory. come on, let's not be alarmist.

  3. It was 77 degrees in Chicago on October 17th. Average temperature is 64 this time of year. Just a thought.

  4. pure coincidence, silly. no real evidence of melting ice caps, rising temperatures, and the like. oh- and evolution, that's just a passing fad. and that whole "world is round" thing... don't get me started...

  5. I feel as safe as a sleeping baby in the loving embrace of the devil himself.

  6. Dop: I agree with KB on the Gobal Warming issue. Historically, the earth's climate has warmed and cooled in cycles. Greenland got its name from the Vikings who found thick forests there! The place is Tundra now.

    If one is to blame W for the Katrina aftermath, oughtn't some blame to go to La, for not using money given it to strengthen the levees. Then there is the failure of New Orleans to start evacuation once hurricane warnings were raised...I agree FEMA dropped the ball; it usually does. The Salvation Army and Red Cross usually are in an area hit by catastrophe almost immediately.

    Wouldn't it make more sense to repeal the taxes on gasoline for one year and reduce the income tax by 50% for two years INSTEAD of these funds going through the wasteful Federal bureaucracy?

    Furthermore, to reduce the price of gas, loosen regulations to spur refinery construction, Start drilling in Anwar, and (I live in Ca), Ca needs to ease up on the regulations to use the same gasoline as other states! Why not going to coal or nuclear powered powerplants; the latter are safe and clean. Just some thoughts! CB

  7. CB... not to nitpick, but when greenland was named it was not because the country was full of lush forests. the southern tip was (and is) green but, for the most part, the place was icy and cold. story has it that it was named greenland to lure more settlers there (that, or in reference to the southern fjords).

    anyway, i think you missed my sarcasm. i completely believe in global warming. yes, there are cycles, but it's crazy to think that everything we've introduced into the atmosphere over the last few hundred years isn't helping the climactic shift along. never in the earth's history has man f'ed up the world's balance (& cyclic nature) quite so much; global warming is just one of the unfortunate outcomes.

    some more thoughts, anyway...

  8. kv: Yes, I did miss your sarcasm, but the global warming thing remains debatable. I am not sure I accept it, in view of some attempts to scare people with it.

    Technology, I am sure, will provide options to fossil fuels as time goes on. Meanwhile, our security calls for the steps I outlined in my post.

    Wondering out loud here: Could we build an oil refinery powered by the atom? Don't know the answer; maybe its worth a thought. CB

  9. Exactly when is one supposed to start believing in global warming, Anonymous? The past warming events were strongly correlated with increases in greenhouse gases. The amount of human-caused greenhouse cases has risen extremely since the 1850s. Scientists began to wonder whether climate change would occur in the 1970s. Well gee, turns out they were correct- glaciers melting, warming oceans generating record hurricanes, the Arctic Ocean being navigatable for the first time in recorded history, etc? Not to play chicken little, but unless something is done, we are fucked.

  10. >>>>>>>>>>>>>
    How did I miss out on all this activity. Slacking I guess. Global warming...hell yes. We need to eliminate a few cars in this country and develop other sources of transportation. Heck if the europeans can get around on trains and survive, we should be able. And we should be able to make it affordable. Under-funded schools, heck yes. Where in the heck are all those 'LOTTO' dollars going. A $340 million jackpot sits awaiting for someone to possibly win in Arizona. I wonder how much of that enormous intake will even benefit the schools there. Its disgusting.

    Are we (America) a fine-tuned running machine--IN NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM. Sad.

    Can't argue here with you DOP.


  11. Bah... bah, I say! I won't get into the global warming discussion but I will say I most certainly agree. W = bad. I remember when 9/11 happened and I thought "this is a really bad time to have a redneck with a temper leading the USA".. I seriously thought it would get to Nukes or something crazy.

    I may be an aussie, but if I could vote, I'd vote him out in a second.

  12. Lachlan: At the time of the election here, IMHO, there were too many questions of Kerry's leadership capabilities that didn't make a Kerry presidency a good idea!

    I am not happy with W's performance in his second term, especially. CB