Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Feeling Safer?

Last year, Democratic Massachusetts Senator John Kerry was not elected president because "W" convinced the majority of the voting public that Kerry could not keep them safe.

1) 2,000 Americans have died in Iraq. So far.

2) High placed Republicans (Karol Rove and Lewis Libby) are under investigation for outing the identity of a CIA agent.

3) Gasoline is $3.00 per gallon.

4) Hurricane Katrina aftermath.

5) Federal judgeship appointments are given to White House aides who have never been judges.

6) America has staggering poverty, under-funded schools, and a global warming emergency.

7) The leaders of each house of Congress are under indictment and investigation for conspiracy and fraud respectively.

8) Halliburton just won numerous government contracts to help rebuild the Gulf Coast.

9) The federal government is all but bankrupt with a deficit in the trillions of dollars.

10) Our borders, ports and nuclear power plants are still not secure.

11) Osama Bin Laden is still at large.

So it's not even one year later. How much safer do you feel?