Thursday, October 06, 2005

Guys DO Make Passes...

Not sure why, but men in glasses are a turn-on (it helps if the men are gay too). I like glasses the same way I prefer dark haired men over blondes, tall men over short, lean or athletic over muscled or beefy, younger over older.

Ironically, the first man I was ever intimate with, as well as date, was a muscular, blue-eyed blonde who was 7 years older and 3 inches shorter than I. It was actually Ex#2 who personified all the physical traits that I find attractive (and I haven’t strayed far from the formula since). He was “Harry Potter” before there ever was such a character. Even now when I watch the movies, I see Daniel Radcliffe and think of Ex#2. By the way, am I the only one who thinks Daniel is going to be kinda hot in a few years? (I like them younger but not THAT much younger!)

Perhaps glasses suggest weakness. So many men spend so much time to look strong and to play the part of the absolute masculine male. Specs instantly show an Achilles Heel of sorts. With one quick swipe across the face, you could render this man immobile, depending on the severity of his prescription. Without glasses, he is Samson with short hair.

Perhaps glasses suggest intelligence, and I love an intelligent person. He does not have to be all book-smarty or anything; I dig a guy who might know a little about a lot of things, even the most banal topics. I like someone who can hold a conversation, no matter what the subject.

Perhaps glasses suggest mystery. I personally think that Clark Kent is hotter than Superman because with Superman, what you see is what you get. Clark kept you guessing, thinking, wondering who he was and what his secrets are. Glasses are almost a mask without being so; something to hide behind that we can all see through.

Or perhaps I just like the fact that a person in glasses can’t see me immediately in the morning. Trust me – this is a bonus.

Whatever the reason, glasses add character and style to a person (incidentally, they aren’t even called glasses anymore, but “eye fashion”). Some people wear glasses that don’t even have a prescription in them. I find that odd, but the result is still the same – I dig it.

Personally, I wear glasses too, but I seldom wear them in public, preferring my contact lenses over my Coke bottles (I donate my old pairs to Corning to recycle into microwaveable dishes).