Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Hallowe'en!

One of the things I have found in moving to Chicago is that out here Hallowe’en is a very big deal. In DC, very few costumes are worn out to bars or clubs during this weekend. But in Chicago, you are almost a freak if you don’t wear a costume. It’s taken very seriously out here. And heavy thought is put into this annual drag event. People just don’t throw on capes and pointy teeth and head out. Prosthetics, body paint, sometimes body modification are the norm. And its more than just a hoot to see Daphne and Velma doing shots with Uncle Fester, and Tim Curry’s Demon from “Legend” hitting on a penguin.

I initially was not going to dress up, but my boyfriend was having none of that. So he sat down and created my costume from head to toe. When he told me what he chose for me to be, I thought it would be an impossible transformation. But the costume is amazing! I wore it out Friday night as a preview for tonight and was yelled at from cars, across the street, and had my photo taken with a lot of people. I think KB has missed his calling.

I will display Hallowe’en pics this week. Until then, have a safe and fun night!