Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bill, What The Hell Are You Doing?

I’m not sure what upsets me about Bill Hemmer more: the fact that he left CNN in June after 10 years to go to that cesspool Fox News, or the fact that he got rid of his adorable, studious glasses and now wears contacts.

He was a glory boy at CNN, basically getting any job he wanted with a strong following and a solid reporting history. He’s an excellent reporter and commentator and he is one of the youngest reporters to have as much success as he’s seen so far. So far!

But to leave solid, respectable CNN for that Bastion of Bias has just … well I am just going to say it – it hurt my feelings! It made me sad and I actually took Bill’s poster down from the inside of my closet door. Okay, that last part was a lie, but if I had a poster of Bill, I would have taken it down.

And as stated in a previous blog, I have a thing for guys in glasses. And when Bill moved to Fox, he switched from specs to contacts. It was one thing that I would no longer be able to see him on a daily basis (I refuse to watch Fox Spews), but just knowing now that he had changed his look makes me wonder WTF? If he dyes his hair, I will only be able to deduce that Fox has just been a horrible influence on him.

Come back, Bill. Come back to respectable journalism. Come back to quality news reporting with reputable colleagues. Come back to fashionable eyewear. Come back to me. I will still marry you, I am just disappointed. So put on your jeans, glasses, and that green tee shirt with the holes in it and I might forgive you.

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