Wednesday, November 30, 2005

And just in time for the holidays, I want to give some recognition to my hunky friend Dave who drew this great cartoon of me (he added a Santa hat for the holidays), which I also use as the image on my blog. It’s a pretty good likeness of me, I must tell you – even as flattering as it is (Beef in a Jeep is my internet nickname).

Dave lives in San Diego and is one of the most creative people I know. Not only can he draw things like this, he can also paint legit likenesses and portraits, as well as other inspired works. I suggest visiting Dave’s website to see his other work. His art is for sale, or you can commission him to do something for you, just like I did.

I am honored to be included in his portfolio. He also helped me create the picture below that I wanted to give to my friend Kelly for “her birthday/my going away” present. I love this picture – it’s fun, imaginative and definitely unique (however 7 of me in one room doesn’t really leave room for anyone else). More fun orojects to come, Dave!


  1. I think I would faint if I walked into that room. Too effing HOT for sure!!!

  2. You know I love Dave's work, but a room full of Dops? That takes it to a whole new level.

  3. >>>>>
    All I can say Dop is you'd better 'sneak a cheek' over on that couch or there won't be any room for KB to sit!!!

  4. All you need to complete the picture is a Golden Retriever.

    I miss you Dop!


  5. Look at the bottom of your page, please.