Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Job Hunt - And Time - Marches On

The job market in Chicago is apparently closed for the season.

Since moving here on September 25th, I have sent out 60 or more resumes online and have registered with 4 placement agencies. From all of that, in the last 6 weeks, I have scored just three interviews - one from a resume I sent on and the other two through two of the agencies (one of which squandered my chances on my first interview with bad advice).

The second interview I went on was with a commodities exchange company. I interviewed with two people - one of whom REALLY wants me another who REALLY doesn't. They are debating about me as we speak. The one who does NOT want me thinks I can't handle the pressure of the job. I want to walk into his office, unbutton my shirt and say, "Dude, I doubt there's anything you can throw at me that I can't handle". The one who DOES want me wants me to come work for half a day next week. I'm not sure how I feel about this. While I don't mind filling up my afternoon with something to do, I am not real keen on having to convince someone to like me. I'll ask for the job, but I won't beg for it.

The third interview was scheduled through one of the agencies. Great job, certainly perfect for me. However I live in Andersonville and the office is located by O'Hare. For those not in the know, that's about a 90-minute commute one-way on public transportation (2 bus lines, transfer to the blue-line train for two stops, then a 30-minute walk to the office). I might be able to handle that commute since I would just be basically sitting back while someone else drives me, however the office hours are 8am-6pm. Being home less than 11 hours every day just doesn't make sense. But for some reason, I feel guilty for not taking the job.

My ego has been slightly fractured by the fact that I am apparently not as marketable as I had thought. My last day of employment with my last job was August 9th. Granted there was a heart attack and a surgical procedure after that, and with that exception my last day of work would have been August 26th. Today is November 6th. This marks the longest unemployment period of my entire life.

The interesting thing is that when I left my parents' house on September 15th, I told them that I would probably take the month of October off, just to relax and not push myself, then get a job after the first of November. (They seemed to get comfort from that idea.) Then once I moved here, I started looking right away because I felt good and wanted to get back to work. The weird thing is that it is working out the way I told my family it would. Of course I am going to be needing an income soon, but mostly I just want to have a job before Thanksgiving so that when I return home my family can not only see how healthy I am, but that my life is fine and back to normal.

Truthfully, I am just bored now with nothing to do. I find myself staying up until 4AM watching CNN and then sleeping until noon everyday. It's been really hard to get on a schedule without already being on one. I go to the gym but not on a regular basis. I take my laptop to T-mobile hotspots just to get out of the house during the day. I am afraid to get a part-time job because I might have to quit it once I get a full time job in case there are schedule conflicts. I don't like starting things - anything - that I can't finish.

I am scheduled for my 4th interview this Wednesday with agency #3. Time will tell, as time keeps passing.


  1. Dop: I can relate to that! My car died and I haven't been able to get to work. Looking for another place to live but nothing as of yet.

    There is in Chicago some public transportation at least...I work near an airport but not bus service goes directly there(?????)

    Keep looking; and do not talk yourself in believing you are unmarketable. Not so! Take care. CB

  2. >>>>.>>
    Keep pluggin' along Dop! And you're far from unmarketable with the background you have. I will say this though having watched my brother go through a job the market as it stands these days, the more skills you have the longer it may take to get a job that is right for you without compromising what it is that you like to do. My brother spent nearly a year, interviewed with some very good companies, and turned some jobs down that he probably shouldn't have. In the end he landed a spot in a start up venture that is going through the roof (and he has a herfty stake in it as part of his negotiated salary).

    Think of the next job as far exceeding your expectations. Continued success on your job hunt!


    PS....DHL International

  3. Good luck with the interview!

    Although I could use a week or two of staying up until 4am and watching tv and going to the gym,it would be a bit much for an extended period of time.

    I do see what you mean about the not begging for a job. I am with you, about the working half day thing. On the one hand, it's not so offensive because you get to show them what you can do, but on the other hand: wtf? Free labor?

    It's just odd, I've never heard of it.

    Good luck.

  4. I'd help you out, but we only have one opening in our Chicago office and it's for an Admin Assistant. I bet you can do a mean PowerPoint. :)