Saturday, November 12, 2005

Kanye: Con? Nay!

What is all the hype about Kanye West? Why is this man suddenly everywhere with people clamouring for him? Granted, I don't follow popular music; I don't listen to the radio or read Billboard Magazine, so I am not in "the know". West might have been around for a few years and I have never heard of him. But still, lately, he is being hyped like crazy.

Was speaking out against Bush during the Hurricane Katrina telethon the bump West needed in the hip-hop community to give him street cred? West has never been arrested for anything. He's never been shot and he's never shot anyone. He didn't churn up from the streets as a drug dealer. All he did was mouth off. And there is no faster way to sell yourself to an audience (interestingly, 70% of the hip-hop buying community is young, suburban, white boys). than to tout out: "The MAN wants us all dead". If that is what's supposed to give you a rep in the hip-hop industry, then I should be opening act for 50 Cent. (Indeed, anyone gay could be.)

If West was trying to boost the sales of his new CD that came out in August by claiming that "Bush hates black people", then I guess he succeeded. In part, I agree that "W" hates everyone who isn't white, rich, straight, and evangelical (one must be all four of those things, not just one). But if sounding off on "W" is the only claim to fame this rapper has, it's pretty lame.

I am proud of him for speaking his mind; he saw a chance and took it. However, hip-hop is based on thug life - the real deal from the streets and not one fabricated in the recording studio.