Tuesday, November 29, 2005

November 29th

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2004 – Took the day off; went shopping at Crate & Barrel and Target with my then Ex#5.

2003 – Went to The Melting Pot for dinner and drinks with Ex#4, friend Marcus, and four of his friends.

2002 – Still home on the day after Thanksgiving, and NOT shopping.

2000 – My friend Steve visits from Florida for a few days.

1998 – Had dinner with Ex#3 at Timberlakes in DC, then go to JR’s for drinks.

1996 – Still visiting parents for Thanksgiving; attending a birthday party for my brother Matt; had the tires aligned on the jeep.

1995 – A date with Brian, go for hot chocolate at Mr. Henry’s on Capitol Hill.

1993 – Attend “Ms. Gay Maryland Pageant” in Baltimore with friends.

1992 – Dinner at Bob Evans with Ex#2, Leigh, Dar, and Meredith; watch the movie “The Accused” at Leigh’s place.

1990 – Dinner with my friend Steve Eames in Dupont at Boss Shepherd’s, then go to Pentagon City Mall.

1988 – Last day of work with Ticor Realty Tax Services in Annandale, VA

1986 – Visit ex-fiance Crystal in her new apartment in Williamsport, MD

1985 – High school best friend Dave, Dayna, Leslie and I go to HoJo’s for late-night dinner.

1984 – Thanksgiving Day

1983 – Celebrated Jason Brode’s birthday after Senior Play rehearsal of “Dust In Your Eyes”

1982 – Teach Cub Scout meeting; evening play practice for Junior Play “A Storm In The Dorm”

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