Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Soup and SAW

"We have so much in common, we both love soup..."
- Sherri Ann Cabot Ward, Best In Show

Last night, Kevin (who is now officially The BF) took me on a date. First, we had dinner at Soup Life, a restaurant that serves only soup - many different kinds. You are served bottomless bowls, so the refills just keep on a'comin'. I am sure The BF would recommend the "Clam Chowda". My fave was the "Beef and Pot Roast Vegetable." It's an interesting idea for a restaurant for sure. But those who know me know that I hate large menus. Too many choices tend to, basically, piss me off. So limited choices are good. Kudos to Kev for recognizing yet another of my idiosyncracies.

After dinner, The BF treated me to see the movie SAW II. In short - good! I introduced him to the original SAW movie about three weeks ago (I love Netflix), and when the sequel came out, it became a must-see for us both. Since Hallowe'en and BMG have consumed alot of The BF's early evenings, this was our real first chance to see the movie. I strongly suggest seeing the SAW series.

The original SAW really threw me for a loop. It was one of those time where, as I watched and movie unfolded, I would audibly gasp as "lightbulbs" and "eurekas" would unfold throughout the film. After watching it once, I immediately replayed the DVD and watched it again to see if I could pick up the clues that were dropped in the beginning. So going into SAW II, I knew that I had to pay attention in order to figure out the ending.

I was grossly unsuccessful.

However knowing what I know, I will add SAW II to Netflix immediately in order to watch again. Horror/thriller sequels usually never live up to their predecessors. But SAW II surpasses it - actually taking "the game" to the next level.

Thanks to The BF for such a great night!


  1. Its a great movie, especially after watching the first one..I took my bf to see it and he hadn't seen Saw I but he still thought the movie was great..similar to you, I failed to pay attention to the clues as well...

  2. That soup restaurant sounds fantastic! Yum, chowda...