Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Cause I'm A Workin' Man

So I FINALLY got a job last week. I started this past Monday. I am working in the marketing department of an insurance investment firm. The office consists of about 45 people. And true to Chicago-fashion, everyone here is extremely friendly. The staff is primarily young - the 15 or so traders all look to be late 20's/early 30's - so the energy is high and fast.

My new boss is a big football fan. More to the point, a huge football fan. Morer to the point, a huge Steelers fan. Her love of this team borders on the obsessive. Steelers poster, wall clock, drinking cup, mousepad, desk calendar, computer wallpaper, and framed autographs flood her office (and yeah, she hails from Pittsburgh). She even wears a yellow and black rubber wristband and attends the annual one-day training the Steelers do for their fans in June. It's comical, I guess because she doesn't even strike me as someone who would be so into football. Yesterday, after her 8th harangue on the Steelers, I suggested she attend a support group.

But sports is to Chicago what politics is to DC. I went to a Christmas party the other night and tried to talk to some people about Libby, Cheney, Rumsfeld and all the corruption in the administration, and one guy stopped me and said, "Um, we don't really care about that stuff here. But don't you agree that the Blackhawks basically suck no matter where they play?" It has not been easy to discuss my disdain of W or my Rove-loathe with people here. So now I need to learn things (like details about the Bears 8-game winning streak) and I have to choose whether I like the Cubs or the Sox (you can't like both here - it's one or the other).

But I digress . . .

It feels good to be back in the work force again. It will be much easier putting myself on a schedule and routine now. Trips to the gym will be more regulated, meals will be eaten at more specific times, and surely this will only help improve my health in the long-run. It's good to be back.


  1. Congratulations, Dop, on getting some decent employment!

    Welcome back to the working world.

  2. Yay!

    Doppy-Dop's got a jobby-job.


  3. See this is why I'd go crazy living in someplace other than D.C. where else can I make fun of Condi's helmet hair or Rumsfelds obvious flouting of civil liberties with this whole patriot act poop??? no sir, I'll stay right in the D of C thank you!

  4. Congrats on the new job! Allow me to help you out with some Chicago sports talk:

    1) The Cubs over the White Sox. I know the White Sox just won the series and The Cubbies haven't won it in ages, but Wrigley Field is one of the greatest ballparks in America, and the Cubs are one of the most storied franchises in the Majors. HOWEVER, you must reserve your right to drool all over the White Sox's newly acquired Jim Thome. The man is nothing short of gorgeous and I long for the day to get a hold of his big bat...

    2) The Bears. They are playing well this year, but they are also in the weakest division in all of football. They have no legitimate quarterback. This team is similar to the Bears team of 01 - 02 season. People expected big things, but the team was hammered by none other than the Philadelphia Eagles (in Chicago). Their this year record says more about their competition than the actual team. This year seems to be a bit of a transition year around the league: The Eagles suck for the first time in years, the Pats aren't healthy or playing terribly well, the Steelers are a bit subpar, the Falcons have been inconsistent, etc. The biggest holdover from last year has been the continued stellar play of the Indianapolis Colts, but they're in the opposite conference, and they have yet to prove that they can win the big one.

    3) As far as the Blackhawks are concerned, yeah, they just suck.

    4) Bulls are pretty good and should match or improve on their playoff appearance last year. However, they still cannot stand up to the conference's top guns, Miami and Detroit. They simply lack the depth and experience.

    I spend too much time at

  5. Dop,
    Congrats on the job.

    I'm glad you're a B-lister. All my boys are frankly, I don't think I could get along with the other kind.

    Love your blog too. I've always wondered why men have nipples and now I know!


  6. "But sports is to Chicago what politics is to DC."


    Hope all is well in chilly chix