Friday, December 30, 2005

Dateless With Boyfriend

Tomorrow night is New Year's Eve, and once again I will find myself without a date at midnight even though I am dating someone. This has long been a tradition with me. I always seem to be single at midnight on New Year's Eve even during those times when I am involved.

It started back with Ex#1, who broke up with me at 11:45PM on 12/31/88 because he didn't want to start the new year knowing that we would not make it to the end of 1989. Dick.

Ex#2 and I had two NYEs while dating. However we were both in college at the time and on winter break so we were never geographically together.

Ex#3 and I just had bad luck: the first NYE we decided to go to Badlands in DC. He arrived before me and the line to get in the door took forever so it was after midnight by the time I caught up to him inside. The following year, we split up on December 28th and he flew to Amsterdam to celebrate New Years (but that's another story).

Ex#4 and I went to Nation in DC together to ring in the new year. But the place was packed and we ended up getting separated somehow - finally finding each other about 10 minutes past midnight.

My situation with Ex#5 was just the opposite: he and I were actually together on New Year's Eve and we actually got to kiss at 12. But he was bartending and I couldn't really be "with" him the rest of the night.

And this time The BF is working at BMG all night.

A friend of mine has been invited to several house parties, so I will probably tag along to one, some or all of those (besides I never really understood having to pay $20 to get into a bar that doesn't charge a cover any other time of the year). I will eventually find The BF the next day. Perhaps it shouldn't be the desire to have that one person at midnight for a few minutes, but the serenity of just knowing he is out there while the world goes crazy the rest of the year.


  1. Holidays are just markers that we need to not take others for granted. That said, it's best to not let them get the best of you.

    Your last thought is the correct one. You've got him for the most important part of the year - the rest of it. Work sucks, but you can make more special moments later.

  2. Happy New Year! I won't have anyone to kiss, but hopefully there will be some cute boys at the party I'm going to.

  3. it's not like i'm going to be giving away my new years kiss to someone else. it'll be worth the wait, i promise.

  4. >>>>
    Think KB's comments above say it all. Who needs midnight!!

  5. My Ex decided to watch the transition from 1999 to 2000 without me, visiting friends in LA. I should have wised up at that moment.

  6. My boy chose to spend it with his parents and I was home all alone. Join the club.