Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Dop TV

Here's what's playing on the cable channels in Dop's mind:

Discovery Channel: I have decided to close down my website because everything I have on there has wound up on my blog at some point.

BRAVO TV: Santino, on Project Runway, is the devil's spawn.

MSNBC: Rita Cosby sounds like a tranny (have you heard her speak??).

Family Channel: I found out in a conversation with Dad that my great-grandfather won my great-grandmother in a poker game in 1904 (another piece to the puzzle).

HEALTH: Why is throwing a cigarette on the ground or out a car window not considered littering? (Also being shown on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360".)

E!: I don't understand why Bill Murray got such accolades for "Lost In Translation".

Style Network: I finally am able to do a little shopping in my favourite store but they don't have anything I like at the moment.

Headline News: I've got one gay nerve left and Nancy Grace is standing on it.

HGTV: I bought a shag rug for my bedroom floor and I think I might marry it.

Lifetime: I recently finished reading A Separate Peace and I think everyone should read it. Right now.

Food Network: My mom sent me a care package on Monday with Christmas cookies and snacks. Three days later and they are almost all gone.

MTV: I heart Green Day and I am pulling for them at the Grammys. And I can pull hard.

CNN: I believe Saddam Hussein might have been roughed up a bit, but not tortured while in US custody. However, I do find it plausible that a soldier took his watch as a souvenir. I would have.

TLC: We repainted the kitchen a cinnamon spice colour and it looks 100% better. (Sponsored by Home Depot - "You can do it. We can help".)

ESPN: After almost a month absence, I started back to the gym this week after discovering a Bally's around the corner from my office.

ESPN2: I've never seen eyebrows like Nathan Vasher's on a straight man (I'm just sayin').

Animal Planet: I prefer the Labradoodle over the Puggle.

The Weather Channel: I never thought I would ever be excited for 30 degree weather; and consider it a heat wave.

TMC: Last week, I Netflixed "Judgment at Nuremburg". It is brilliantly acted and highly recommended. (Also being shown on TNT, TBS and simulcast on AOL.)