Friday, January 27, 2006

Big Bother Is Spying On You

**Friday Update below.

Yes, this is more W-vitriol. I have adopted a new name for him. George Orwell created "Big Brother". The Conservatives and Republicans have created "Big Bother" - both are annoying, both are unfortunately powerful, and both want to flush your civil liberties down the toilet all in the name of keeping you safer.

Big Bother's latest attempt at doing so is to bypass the US court systems to tap telephones of suspected terrorists without permission from, well, anyone. Is it really that much trouble to get a judge to authorize a wiretap? Apparently, Big Bother doesn't quite remember 5th grade history and what the Founding Fathers said about the balance of power in the government. Basically, no one branch can do anything of consequence without another branch giving the OK. It's called Checks and Balances. This would mean the Executive Branch would need the assistance of the Judicial Branch - which shouldn't be too tough since Big Bother now has a conservative/republican majority on the Supreme Court. As he strips Americans of our basic civil rights, he is turning us into the very people he has sent the nations youth to fight. Honestly, the terrorists won a long time ago.

Big Bother is trying to establish himself as a wartime president because those leaders ascertain questionable powers during times of national wartime crisis: Abraham Lincoln's suspension of habeas corpus during the Civil War, Woodrow Wilson's revocation of free speech during World War I, Franklin Roosevelt's order imprisoning Japanese Americans in World War II are all considered blatant abuses of power.

Our crisis today America is not terror - our crisis is 5 Ford Motor Company plants closing with an estimated 20,000 people out of work; our crisis is working conditions so bad that coal miners are losing their lives in West Virginia; our crisis is an 8 year-old Maryland boy accidentally shooting a 7 year-old girl in the arm at a daycare center with a loaded gun he pulled out of his backpack; our crisis is the murder of 2,250 American soldiers overseas fighting an invisible enemy that doesn't threaten the United States; our crisis is the lasting homeless and devastation surrounding New Orleans; our crisis is over 900,000 Americans dying every year of heart disease.

My favorite quote right now is from
author Gore Vidal, who says, "This is not a wartime president. We are not IN a war. The 'War on Terror' may as well be called the 'War on Dandruff'. It's a metaphor, it doesn't mean anything." Big Bother is fixated on this war because without it, his presidency will have stood for nothing. At least that's all we know because he doesn't hold press conferences to tell us what he is doing or what his opinions are. We hear he is doing things, but he doesn't tell us about them himself. I am tired of the "spokesmen" on his behalf. I want to hear HIM say the stuff. It's so easy to deny saying anything when you've never actually said it to anyone. He doesn't share. He's not a giver. He's a taker. (I'm guessing he is also a lousy lay.)

He takes powers that aren't his, control that he can't handle, advisors that he can't supervise. In my opinion, our nation's greatest terror sits behind a desk in an oval office waiting for someone to come tell him what to do.

**Interestingly, this article came out the day after mine (great minds?). Granted, it's not a stretch to compare this presidency with Orwellian prophecy, but it does give me some validation.


  1. Every day I become more and more embarassed to live in this country...

  2. Amen! I say, can I get an amen, brother!

    You are so right on with this post. G.W. is certainly the worst and most ineffective president that I have known, possibly that this country has ever seen. I only hope that we, as a nation, will wise up in 2008 and vote for a change.

  3. Y'all are embarrassed to live in this country? try driving past the bastards house everyday on your way to work... makes me wanna hurl.