Thursday, January 12, 2006

January 12th

To understand what this blog is all about, click here. And since this is now 2006, I go back 23 years to see what I was doing on this date:

2005 - Happy hour at David Greggory and then the
Scissor Sisters concert at 9:30 Club.

2004 - Stayed late at work to prep Board Packets, then hit the gym.

2003 - Saw
The Hours with friend Dean in Georgetown, and we mutually agreed we hated it while we had dinner at Pepper's.

2002 - Shopped in Pentagon City with friend Chris, then went to the DC Eagle for
Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend.

2001 - Went to the DC Eagle for MAL with friend Kirk.

2000 - Went to JR's with friends Al and Scott.

1999 - Dinner with friend Ron, rented
The Opposite of Sex.

1997 - Had dinner at
Afterwords Cafe with friends David and Al.

1996 - Snowstorm in DC - total of 17 inches! Office closed, so spent the day in JR's (

1994 - Dress rehearsal for
Johnny Got His Gun, off-broadway play.

1992 - Played Taboo with group of friends.

1991 - Redskins v 49er's Playoff Party at my apartment with friends from DC Aquatics Club. Then out to Lost & Found (long gone club) with friends Matt and Jeff.

1989 - Went to Thursday night Track's (long gone club) with friend Barbie and cousin Brad.

1987 - A study group at 1pm in the student lounge. Worked 4pm-12am at the hotel.

1986 - Out with Crystal (Ex-Fiance) to see
Agnes of God.

1984 - Senior Play rehearsal of

1983 - Skiing at
The Wisp Resort with friends from school.

1982 - My sophomore year. I was grounded for something, but I can't remember why.