Thursday, January 12, 2006

January 12th

To understand what this blog is all about, click here. And since this is now 2006, I go back 23 years to see what I was doing on this date:

2005 - Happy hour at David Greggory and then the
Scissor Sisters concert at 9:30 Club.

2004 - Stayed late at work to prep Board Packets, then hit the gym.

2003 - Saw
The Hours with friend Dean in Georgetown, and we mutually agreed we hated it while we had dinner at Pepper's.

2002 - Shopped in Pentagon City with friend Chris, then went to the DC Eagle for
Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend.

2001 - Went to the DC Eagle for MAL with friend Kirk.

2000 - Went to JR's with friends Al and Scott.

1999 - Dinner with friend Ron, rented
The Opposite of Sex.

1997 - Had dinner at
Afterwords Cafe with friends David and Al.

1996 - Snowstorm in DC - total of 17 inches! Office closed, so spent the day in JR's (

1994 - Dress rehearsal for
Johnny Got His Gun, off-broadway play.

1992 - Played Taboo with group of friends.

1991 - Redskins v 49er's Playoff Party at my apartment with friends from DC Aquatics Club. Then out to Lost & Found (long gone club) with friends Matt and Jeff.

1989 - Went to Thursday night Track's (long gone club) with friend Barbie and cousin Brad.

1987 - A study group at 1pm in the student lounge. Worked 4pm-12am at the hotel.

1986 - Out with Crystal (Ex-Fiance) to see
Agnes of God.

1984 - Senior Play rehearsal of

1983 - Skiing at
The Wisp Resort with friends from school.

1982 - My sophomore year. I was grounded for something, but I can't remember why.


  1. Dop--

    I always like this one. It's just interesting to get a perspective of what people (in this case you) were doing at periods of their lives. Congrats for the continuous maintaining of your journal!


  2. It's really interesting to see the evolution of someone elses life over a time period that encompasses my entire lifetime!

    Removes foot from mouth

    Older guys are sexy... I promise.

  3. Dale got you there , Dop!
    Better you than me. Hee! hee!
    Good one Dale!

  4. Tony: ha ha ha thanks!

    Dop: but it's so hard to stay mad at me... I'm so adorable and cute :).

  5. How do you remember all of that?! Seriously!

    And 17 inches is nothing! (Of snow, I mean.)