Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Prison Break Off

Last Sunday afternoon, I got called by the people who cast extras for Prison Break. They wanted me to be in Joliet at some old prison for shooting on Monday at 8AM. Sounds great huh? I thought so too. But read it again. I got called on SUNDAY AFTERNOON to be there on MONDAY AT 8AM.

Had to decline. No way to gauge the new boss's reaction to my taking a day off to play prisoner. I figured I would just tell her about it and see what her reaction was. If she came back with "Oh, you should have just called me", then I would do it the next time - if there was a next time. However last Monday, when I told my boss, she only said, "Well that's too bad."

Too bad is right. Too bad Prison Break didn't call me during the three months I wasn't working. To make matters worse, they did it to me again THIS week. Yesterday the casting agent called me to tell me the director hand-picked me to be in a scene being shot in the Hilton on South Michigan Avenue today at 9:30AM. Again, had to say no.

I guess I will just have to become famous some other way.

Note to self: Do I still have those tassles in the back on my sock drawer?