Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ear (Mega) Phones

Question: When are your earphones no longer earphones?
Answer: When others can hear your music too.

How deaf must you be if I am sitting 6 rows behind you on the train and I can hear your music playing? Not only playing, mind you, but also able to recognize the song and actually hear the words? Above the noise of the train, no less? How can you possibly be enjoying what you hear?

I can't understand spending a few hundred dollars on iPods and high-quality mp3 players only to louse them up with sucky earphones. Earphones are like a fine tuxedo, running shoes, or a quality bra - you gotta try a few on and be fitted (I am only guessing about the bra part but it does make sense). All earphones are not built for everybody. We all have different shaped heads and ears. So just pulling a random pair of Sony, Panasonic or Sharp earphones off the rack at Best Buy does not mean they will fit your head, or even into your ears. Ask the salesperson to let you try a few sets out. I did, and they did. They already have them open and will let you test them out before you buy.

It's worth the time and the investment. For everyone. After all, it is YOUR music.


  1. Yes it is best to be "fitted" for a bra. Most upscale stores do it. The founding have been that most women wear the wrong size, on the smaller size. The straps should never be the main suppot it need to come from the actual cup. The older you get the better support.

    and now you know. And knowing is have half the battle. Knowledge is power!

  2. I don't know about in the USA but if you are shopping for earphones here, like the little bud types, they won't let you try them out due to hygeine issues.. Which is kind of understandable.. you don't want to be swapping ear juices with strangers.. eww!

    Headphones they'll let you try though...

    That said, I've noticed that some headphones and earphones are particularly perforated and allow lots of the sound out, so some seem a lot louder to onlookers than they actually are... 6 rows back on a train..... that's a whole different story.. LOL


  3. That person is probably the dumbass suing Apple for his tinnitis. Really, dude, as if the ringing in your ears the first time wasn't a clue?