Tuesday, February 14, 2006


On some issues I am completely wishy-washy, like which movie to see or what restaurant to go to or even what to do on any given Saturday night. Valentine's Day (VD) falls into that same abyss of ambivalence.

I understand the reason for celebrating it. It's always nice to love someone and be loved in return. However, it's no secret that VD was created by the greeting card companies to fill the void between Christmas and Easter. And being the soapbox screamer that I am, I don't like being told when I am supposed to show my love and affection to the person I love and ... uh ... affect (?).

If for some reason, a couple doesn't celebrate VD, they are sometimes rumored to be breaking up. Or if one person in the couple doesn't particularly like VD, then it could be assumed that he/she doesn't have true feelings for the other, or that the person is just unromantic. But there are some who celebrate it to the extreme, with flowers, gifts, dinner, perhaps a limo or even a night in a swanky hotel (if my partner feels the need to go that far to show me he loves me, we have even bigger problems).

However, there are also those people who are either not involved with anyone, or have recently become single -- this could be a bad day. Suddenly, all single people on Valentine's Day know what Jews feel like on Christmas Day. The singles seek companionship with other single friends, perhaps. Even so, being alone on the day, single or not, just feels crappy.

So however you celebrate Valentine's Day, or not, I hope you have a great day.