Thursday, March 16, 2006

The ATM Gods Smile At Me

File this under: This Never Happens To Me

I went to the ATM in the lobby of my office building around 10:30 AM or so and there was $40 sitting in the dispenser. I looked at it. And then I looked again. And then I looked around to see who was looking at me. And then I looked at it again.

My first thought was, "Sweet, free money!" And then I thought of some poor yutz who either didn't get all of his money out of the dispenser, or was too busy in conversation or otherwise sidetracked and just forgot to take it. So I did what I think was the right thing.

I went to the security guard in the lobby and gave her my business card and told her I found money in the ATM, and if anyone came to her and reported either being shorted by or not getting money from the machine, to have the person contact me and I would give them the money. She asked me how much it was and I didn't tell her, but I would give it to the person who gave me the correct amount. If I didn't hear from anyone by the end of the day, the money would be mine. I figured it was good karma.

Five o'clock came and no call, so I kept the money. And now when I pass by the ATM, whether I am making a withdrawal or not, I glance over just in case.


  1. Can't beat it.

    I love found money. I still remember finding a 20 when I was a kid. It was the best moment of my childhood existence!

  2. Isn't weird how we always hope to find money and then we we do we it creeps us out. I love it when I find my own money in places I forgot I had stored it. It's awesome and at least I don't have to look over my shoulder!

  3. hey, dop:

    wow, sometimes good things DO happen to good people!

    i continue to enjoy your (and kb's) blogs. thanks also for the hamburger mary's link info. the bf and i can't wait til it opens.


  4. Found money is the best money! My bf found a $50 bill on the ground a few weeks ago. We celebrated our new found wealth with a nice romantic dinner for two. :)

  5. Who would leave without taking the money? Actually, that sounds like something I would do. I thought they have that thing now where the card doesn't come out until you've taken it or something. Well, in any case, congrats on the free money.