Wednesday, March 22, 2006

March 23rd

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2005 - Lowkey day. Foul mood. Hit the gym around 8:30.

2004 - Half-price Burger Night at Health Bar with Ashley and Ex#4.

2003 - Go to Alegria from 11PM-8AM.

2001 - Friend Angel visits from NYC. Take him to Nation. Meet Brian from Chicago.

2000 - First (and last) trip to Atlanta. Stay at Days Inn downtown. Go out to The Heretic and Backstreet.

1998 - Pick up Ex#3 at airport from Vegas trip.

1997 - Friend Al visits. Go to Mr. Henry's for dinner, then to Remington's.

1994 - 75 degrees today! Beach Trip meeting in Arlene's dorm room at 10.

1993- Endorse student loan checks to Shenandoah. Watch "Ragtime" in Ex#2's dorm room.

1992 - Rehearsal for "Last of the Red Hot Lovers" with Paige. Hang out with "Marine Matt" until Ex#2 finishes play project.

1991 - Drive cousin Jeff back to naval base at Patuxant, MD.

1990 - Go to Scampy's nightclub with Gail and Angie.

1989 - Friend Tyler visits me in DC. Go dancing at Dakota.

1988 - Get new brakes at Midas. Unusually hot today - 85 degrees.

1986 - Palm Sunday

1984 - See Pirates of Penzance with best friend Dave.

1983 - Term paper due in 11th grade history class.


  1. Thats so cool. Memories are forever (ok I am not a dork this post is touching)
    Oh and I have been learking about for a few weeks now.(and not in the crazy stalker sort of way, I just clicked and there you were)
    You are fabulous!
    I look forward to your posts.

  2. Did you go to Shenandoah? That's in my hometown of Winchester :)

  3. Yeah. Went to Shenandoah from 91-93