Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mr. Gisby's Totally Gay Pet Shop

A pet shop full of totally queer pets by Australian creator Andrew Georgiou. Andrew has been drawing for Australia's biggest gay magazines until he decided to break out on his own to create what is one of the biggest gay comic strips in print. Mr Gisby' Totally Gay Pet Shop is published throughout Europe in GAYTIMES magazine each month. His inspiration comes from a part of every gay person he knows. So come and meet Drag Poodle, Leather Fetish Gorilla, Lesbian Rabbits obsessed with Glen Close and many more. Below are two personal favorites:

I would loooooove to have these on a tee shirt!

And speaking of gay pets, stop on over to Michael's blog and wish him a happy birthday today!!

UPDATE: Received the following email from Andy Georgiou today:
Hey mate,

I always check my links and just wanted to say thanks for the blurb.
Our merchandise range is out in July, so you will be able to wear those
strips as shirts pretty soon.

Took the time to read over your blog. Bloody brilliant !
Very cool stuff here mate.

anyhow, just a quick Hi to say thanks.

See ya in Chicago !