Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Not All Bears Wear Flannel

In case you've ever been curious (admit it, you have been), I can tell you why larger men only wear tee shirts and flannel - our choices are extremely limited. In DC, the number of nice clothing stores for men in general were sparse: Universal Gear for the twink/gym/club set and Rock Creek for the stylish late 30's-50 year olds (we all know that upon turning 55, all 'MOs journey off to the tarpits to die - it's just the polite thing to do).

So I moved to Chicago and I gotta tell ya, my choices here are not much better: Universal Gear here too, Bad Boys, and HIS STUFF. The latter is in my neighborhood and I stopped by the other day on my walk back from the gym. Personally, I think the name of the store should be changed to KIDS STUFF cause there was nothing in there above a Medium. So frustrating!! (And I probably didn't win any friends from the staff when, after a few minutes of looking around, I asked "where's the MEN'S section??")

Thank God for Club Monaco is all I can say (and I have said it more than once). There were a few stores in DC and I have found the one in Chicago on Michigan Avenue. They have stylish clothing that goes up to size XXL. Without them, all my clothes would come from the Gap or, God forbid, Sears. I've heard women bitch about this for years - how designers and clothesmakers don't cater to large people. And I am not traditionally large, moreover I'm not fat. I just have ridiculous shoulders and a wide back thanks to a little thing called weightlifting. What fits me in the shoulders just bags around my waistline. It's a conundrum.

So I have decided that in about two years, I am going to open a store that caters to big guys with lots of athletic cuts and no sizes below a Large. Not sure of the name yet - maybe something like The Real Man or Polos For Blue Collar (nah, that sounds like a profile on Manhunt or something). Anyway, it will be something that will entice men of all sizes, and then unleash vast disappointment on all those shoppers with smaller builds - just so they will understand how it feels.