Friday, March 24, 2006

Pay Dirt

So it's finally paying off.

I was beginning to doubt whether or not my "just use your head" diet, along with running, was doing any good; moreover, was my weight coming down. I've been eating well since the first week of February and running since the first week of March, so I figured by now, some results should be showing.

However, imagine my dismay when every time I stepped on the scale at the gym, my weight stayed exactly the same. Huh??? How could this be?? My pants were getting a little bigger, tight tee shirts weren't so tight anymore.

One friend suggested that perhaps my weight was just shifting. Huh??? What does that mean, exactly? Does it jump from my waistline to my shoulders for a vacation? Or is there a chunk of weight hiding under the bed that tag teams another chunk that will take its place in the middle of the night while I sleep? Ridiculous, right? So is the idea of shifting weight (I mean, I am a human being, not a mudslide).

Another friend suggested to me that "muscle weighs more than fat". Huh??? One pound of muscle or one pound of fat still weigh the same ... one pound. That rationale never made any sense to me.

So at the doctor's office this week, I got on the scale and lo and behold, I had actually lost 7 pounds. It never occured to me that the scale at the gym could be broken! So this gives me new hope. (I say I lost 7 pounds but I am pretty sure I lost alot more. Right now, my weight is at 233, so I am telling myself my weight was at 240, when in actuality I believe it was much higher than that. I would dare say that I was closer to 250 in January. So technically I could have lost 17 pounds, but I don't want to brag or sound like some huge success story. So I will just say 7.)

So I am admitting that they work - cardio (which I have always been loathe to do and which usually only constituted the few hours I'd spent on the dancefloor on Saturday nights) and eating sensibly (as in no chips, candy, breads, McDonald's, etc.) will help you lose weight. And if I keep doing what I am doing, it will never come back. Unless of course I weigh myself at the gym again.


  1. Think about what a pound of lean muscle looks like compared to a pound of fat. You can definitely get leaner while staying around the same weight; you're just replacing that blobby fat pound with a lean muscle pound :)

    That's why i hate scales. They are evil.

    Please tell me you're not cutting out carbs altogether...

  2. Scales are no way to gauge weight loss I feel as water retention alone can make your weight fluctuate from day to day. I like the baggy pants test...if you're pants are baggy then you've lost weight, if not then you haven't... unless you're wearing lycra pants cuz if your lycra pants are baggy you've got other issues.

  3. Don't forget hydration and sodium intake. That's a big issue for me.
    I hate knowing that my body can hold pounds of extra water each day simply because I'm not drinking enough water and eating too much sodium.

    Bottom line: keep doing what you're doing. Sounds like you've found what works for you.

    Oh, and I want you to pose for a painting for me this summer. We'll talk...

  4. The scales at the Gym almost always need to be re-calibrated. You should invest in a BMI scale for home. It measures not only your weight (and tracks your weight lose) it also measures your body fat and water weight. It tracks it and remembers your progress.
    You should also measure yourself because you will see the inches fall off before its reflected on the scales.
    Something that a personal trainer would tell you if you paid thousands of dollars to hear it..
    Oh and I wonder "Where does the weight go?"
    I am always worried I will turn around and find it lurking in the corners..

  5. If I actually knew my body fat amount, I would be suicidal.

  6. Its not THAT bad, really and trust me I am a girl, its good to gauge at what you are losing, you feel like you are losing weight but the scale does not show it, but the BMI tells you that you are losing fat.
    I found it motivating.
    Don't knock it till you try it!!
    and if you killed yourself who would be able to move your fat
    Ok I am really not a bitch its my sense of humor...

  7. 7 seems to be the magic number these days. Congrats on the weight loss!

  8. Do not trust the BMI with your near-bodybuilder build. Most pro and Olympic atheletes are considered obese according to its very skewed measurements. BMI does not take into account bone density or musculature.

  9. BMI is the most useless measure because it basically lumps everyone into one generic category of body type, which is completely ludicrous.

    But yeah, the old "muscle weighs more than fat" can be interpreted as "Which is heavier.. a tonne of feathers or a tonne of bricks?".. but I think the premise behind it is that muscle is more dense than fat.

    You can work out and burn fat and build muscle, therefore your net weight stays around the same mark but you're actually looking and feeling better for it!

    Good luck with the regime ;)