Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Shit n' Git

I think I take issue with co-workers, specifically men, who go through their mailboxes and leaf through the morning newspapers on their way to the restroom. First of all, it merely confirms to me what you are going to be doing in there (no man in the world takes the sports section to a urinal). I don't want to know what you are about to do. I know we all do it, the same way I know to turn left without thinking of making a left turn - it's inherent, I don't need reminding.

As I said, I think I take issue with this because actually thinking about it long enough to be really bothered by it only exacerbates my point. I don't want to think about it, yet I can't help it. Mostly because when I have to work the reception desk (yes, that is still going on for two hours every day!), men have to pass me on their way to do "other" business.

What baffles me further is that the lighting in the men's room is, well, "bar lighting" at best. So unless these guys are taking flashlights with them, I don't see how they are reading anything of great length/importance/interest. Nor do I understand planning on spending that kind of time in the restroom; you go in, you squat, do your business, and leave. There's no reading the stock report, baseball stats, or doing Sudoku. You are at work. Save the crosswords and editorials for home expulsions. If you expect it to take you a lengthy amount of time, they you have more serious problems to solve than 6 Across.


  1. Seriously!! I agree with you. To me, there is no reason to take any kind of tome into the bathroom unless you wish to sit there and smell your shit for an extended period of time. You're absolutely right - if you need it, you do have more serious problems than 6 Across. Love that line!

  2. You bring up a good point....another one to consider is the way that they advertise toilet paper and especially Feminine products, you know how they "work" but they never really tell you.

    The "Bears in the woods" are my favorite TP spokescartoons.