Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Déjà Vu All Over Again

It's many months until Hallowe'en, but do you want to hear something creepy? Last Saturday morning, the 15th, I awoke telling The BF that I had a weird dream that I was drowning. Know what the 15th was? Only the 94th Anniversary of the Titanic sinking -- which happened at 2:20am on April 15, 1912 (I found this out later in the day after being saturated with Titanic documentaries on The History and Discovery Channels).

Over 1,500 people drowned in the north Atlantic after the ship's hull scraped an iceberg that was remarkably too far south to begin with.


I have a fascination for the possibility of past lives, as previously reported. And it wouldn't surprise me that I could have been some poor, penniless immigrant schlomo riding in steerage with the rats, on his way to America for a chance at a better life; perhaps not completely unlike myself today moving to a new place, (this time by plane) to open a new world of possibilities and experiences. (And of course, you know I just had to use up 3.5 hours of my Sunday evening listening to Kate Winslet say the name "Jack" about 2,000 times. But for your sake, I did find this abridged version - only takes 30 seconds.)

It's all about the journey, some say. However, it seems sometimes you arrive at the other end and sometimes you don't. Perhaps I was aboard the Titanic when it sunk on April 15th, the same way, perhaps, I was in Ford's Theater the night Lincoln was shot. And by the way, Lincoln died on April 15th too.

Double coincidence?? (insert eery organ music here)


  1. jaaaaaack! :)

    those animated renditions cracked me up. thanks...

  2. OK, that actually IS a really weird coincidence about the date, especially since that's usually tax day. you know what they say about death and taxes...now they're more linked than ever.

    and i love Angry Alien! "The Shining" might be my favorite.