Thursday, April 20, 2006

Impeachable Offense

I had such high hopes for this show when it started last Fall. Along the vein of the Christopher Reeve's Superman slogan of "You will believe a man can fly", Commander-in-Chief gave us "You will believe a woman can be president". Even if it wasn't some kind of covert poll to see if Hillary or Condoleeza should run or not, it was time to advance America's thinking, time to move us forward as a nation. Other countries around the world are electing women to powerful positions. And while America has hinted at it for the last two decades, ABC Programming is here to tell us that we are actually ready for it.

So I tuned in faithfully every Tuesday night to watch Mackenzie Allen run the country. Even though I thought she was a little stiff, Geena Davis did a pretty good job. She folded her arms a bit too much for my liking, but I believed her character portrayal. So at first, I was a believer, and I was hoping that the rest of America was believing with me - that a woman could be president.

And then the show did stupid stuff: a quickie sex hookup on Air Force One while it was being held hostage, a teen kegger in the White House while the president was out of town, two kids making out on a couch in the Oval Office with no security in sight. These are just to name a few. And these scenes made me mad -- made me mad because they were cheapening the entire idea.

I don't believe for a second that a political advisor could hook up on AF-1 while it is being quanrantined in a bomb threat (even if it is "Zack Morris"). I don't believe for a minute that the president's kids could throw an unchaperoned all-night keg party in the mansion and go running through the halls mooning portraits of John Adams. And I don't believe two teenagers could do it on a sofa in the Oval Office and no one else be around to stop it (even Clinton has to use his private bathroom for such meetings). So, for that matter, why should I believe a woman could be president?

The show has now been moved to Thursday nights and has apparently hired new writers. So perhaps it can be revamped and made into the show it promised it would be. I missed its re-debut last Thursday, but I will be watching it tonight, just to see.

Personally, I do believe a woman can be president. But this show does little to advance the cause.