Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Nothing New Under The Zun

American Dreamz. Not to be confused with American Dreams.

American Dreamz stars Hugh Grant, Dennis Quaid and Mandy Moore. American Dreams stars a bunch of people I've never heard of and a woman from NYPD Blue. American Dreamz is a contemporary movie about culture and music. American Dreams is/was/might still be a series set in the '60's about culture and music. American Dreamz is American Idol-esque. American Dreams is American Bandstand-esque.

But American Dreamz is way more hip than American Dreams. After all, there is a "z" instead of an "s". But DreamZ, aside from having a bit of flava in the title, boasts the whitest cast ever assembled for a movie; Hugh, Dennis and Mandy all look like they just stepped out of a saltines box. Add to that actors Willem Dafoe and Chris Klein, and the entire cast practically glows in the dark. I haven't seen the movie - I won't see the movie - but it looks as if Hugh is playing a Simon Cowell-Bitchy Brit type, and Dennis is a disengaged, somewhat estranged U.S. President (hmmm, "W"onder "W"ho that could be based on?).

The young female lead in DreamZ is a blonde Midwest chippy with hopes and dreamZ of making it big and making a difference in a struggling world. The young female lead in DreamS is a blonde Philadelphian chippy with hopes and dreamS of making it big and making a difference in a struggling world. Biiiiig stretch guys! Really creative work. Below are images of the two young female leads.

Can you tell which is which? Yeah, me neither.

I think the real American Dream(s)(z) would be for the creative department(s)(z) to be ... well, creative, and to come up with new idea(s)(z). It's one thing to do a variation on a theme, but quite another to do that variation and not even change the title. Simply changing a letter is just downright insulting. What's next?: Happy Dayz? Good Timez? Golden Girlz? Dynazty? Sorro? Tarsan?

It Zucks!


  1. I'm amused by the Dreamz promo which features the tagline "Imagine a country where more people vote for a pop idol than their next president." (It's on their website.) I figure, "who needs to imagine that?"