Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Vital Facts - Jughead

Last month, I introduced you to my friend Poodle. This month, meet my friend Todd, or as I call him "Jug" (I give nicknames to the ones I really care about). Jug and I met in December 1998 in Chicago. We have only seen each other 5 times since then, but he is one of my closest friends, having stayed in touch through email and phone calls. And when we do see each other, it's as if no time has passed. This week, we had dinner together in the city where we met 8 years ago. Life really does come full circle if we are just patient enough.

Your name: Todd

Your aliases: TJ, Ted, Uncle Ted, Carolinapup, Quillayute, Jughead...I think I have an identity crisis!

What was your first impression of me - and how has your impression of me changed (if at all)? Just this big ball of smiley. That never really changes. I attribute it to good dental care.

What are qualities that you think are important in a friend? Loyalty, trust, humor, sense and sinsibility, and the ability to sacrifice your own time occasionally to make time for theirs.

What is your favorite thing (or things) about yourself? My free-wheeling whimsicality.

What one word do you think best describes you? Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, bitch! OK...let's go with...grounded. 

If I were describing you to someone who didn't know you, what do you think I would say? "Oh my god, it's like, he's so, like, totally, like, Juggarific, girl!" 

If you were describing me to someone who didn't know me, what would you say? "He's a keeper"

What is something that you are good at? Music -- Playing guitar and piano and any other instrument that looks intriguings.

What is something you wish you were good at? Fixing cars. I can barely get the damned hood open. 

What is something you have done that you are proud of? Just gettin' by in this world and standing on my own two feet. 

What is your philosophy on life? Soak it up. Educate yourself by seeing and doing.

Is there something about me that you've always wanted to know but have never asked? Hmmmm....I know some 'tings, but I'd like to know if there's anyone from your past that you wish was not a part of your past, but your present.

Tell me something that I probably don't know about you. You know I can draw a map of the 50 states perfectly, with all the borders and everything? It's really useful.

What do you like most about me? Your unwaivering friendship.

What do you dislike most about me? Your distance keeps me from picking up the phone and saying 'let's grab lunch'. That and you moved to Chicago about 10 years too late.

If you were trapped in a cell in a dungeon for one year - what 3 people (alive or dead, famous or personal) would you want to be trapped with? I'm in a dungeon and I want to be trapped with other people? Kinky. I'm not really good at this question...but I'd want someone entertaining, so maybe Jimmy Buffett and my favorite band Eddie From Ohio. I'll bring my partner along too. That makes 6 people but I always find loopholes to the rules!

What super power would you want to have? Ooooh...probably to fly. Everytime I'm on a regional jet I feel like I lose a piece of my soul.

Where's your favorite place in your city? And why? In Greenville, it's Paris Mountain State feels like you're miles away from everything but you're 10 minutes from downtown. 

Where's your favorite place in the world? And why? Seattle. I can't explain it, but from first visit there in '98...I felt like I had come home.

What would you like to happen in the next ten years? I'd like for the general attitude of people in the world to get warmer, the beer to get a little colder, and everything else in my life to be room temperature.

You died and you are standing at the gates of Heaven. God asks you to sum up what you learned on Earth. What would you say? Who is this God person people keep talking about? ;-) Religious beliefs aside, I think I'd tell him that making other people's lives better make mine better. And that's kinda cool. 

One last thing. What question should I ask the next person? "What would you rather be doing now?" (kinda like that ol' bumper sticker)...