Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mothers' Day

There might be an entire week or more that passes when you don't think of her - or she might just not pop into your head or your thoughts, depending on how busy you are. But in contrast, not a single day goes by that she is not thinking of you. Such is the way of a parent, especially a mother. She thinks of you every day, at least once. She can't help it. And for that she deserves a day of honour, and so much more. So this weekend, whether you talk to her or not, remember your mother.


  1. Today Being my Mom's birthday in addition to Sunday, my sis and I are giving her a little surprise. I'm flying in and we've got a big surprise birthday party tonight with lots of her friends from the past. It makes me happy that she thinks I've got a work conference starting on Monday and can't get home. Can't wait to see her and celebrate.

  2. Scott -- that sounds great. Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Dop...

    Moms are the best. I got to enjoy mine this past week. She was here in SoCal visiting her sisters and brother so we got to spend some time together.

    Hope you have the benefit of some time with yours.

    Haven't been to you blog in a while thanks to schools finals and then an action packed vacation in New York and the the SF for a Bloggers' PowWow. Hope things are moving along fine with you and work. Guess your little by little moving up on that year in Chicago.


  4. Sorry I hate Mother's Day. My mom died three years ago after a 12 year battle with cancer. Luckily I never let a day go by that I didn't hug and told her how much I loved her. Everyday should be Mother's day. She died when she 52 and I was 31. I still need my mommy.

    Now I just have to get through Father's day...he's gone too.

    So appreciated them while they are here!