Thursday, May 04, 2006

Notorious/Little People

Two of my new favorite television shows right now are So NoTORIous and Little People, Big World.

So NoTORIous is the scripted comedy series on VH-1 based on the life of Tori Spelling. Her self-deprecating humour is refreshing. When I first saw Tori act in Trick, another favorite, I was blown away. I remembered wishing that she would do more work like that. Her comedic timing was perfect. And I kept thinking that she was actually playing someone close to who she really is. Her new series proves that to me, as her character is friendly and loving, albeit insecure and a bit out of touch. The show is funny and I will actually laugh out loud. I am glad she has left behind her Beverly Hills 90210 days (even though I would love to have a "Donna Martin Graduated" tee shirt) and has moved on to fun stuff like this.

The other show I am hooked on right now is Little People, Big World - an in-depth series on TLC Channel that looks at the everyday lives of lan extraordinary family made up of both little and average-sized people. The shows follows Matt and Amy Roloff, two little people, born to average-sized parents, who are themselves married with 4 kids - 15-year old twins, Jeremy and Zach, 12-year old Molly, and 8-year old Jacob. Together, they also operate Roloff Farms, a sprawling farm in Oregon. The show follows them as they navigate a world that is not accomodating. It's refreshing.

I like both of these shows because they offer me, as a viewer, an inside look into lives that I would otherwise know nothing about. None of my friends are rich and famous, or physically challenged. This isn't by choice, at least consciously. Perhaps I don't go to places where I would meet these people and learn about them. But cable TV takes me there. It invites me to their worlds on their terms. Both shows seem honest, yet playful. Definitely recommended viewing.