Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Or Would I?

All who really know me are aware that my physical appearance completely belies my true personality. Well sort of. I only look like I could rip your head off, but I probably wouldn't. Probably.

Or would I?

I realize I sometimes have a slight intimidation factor, which is half the fun of being me. It's nice having a mouth that I don't have to back up with anything more than a raised eyebrow and a curled lip. And I kinda like that. I mean, what's the good of having arms my size if I don't look like I can dent your car with them. I'm friendly. You just have to know me.

I sometimes realize that even my closest friends are never really 100% sure if I would mix it up. Last Saturday night, The BF and I were standing in a coat check line getting ready to leave a club when someone cut in front of us. I tapped the intruder on the shoulder and motioned to the back of the line. He ended up giving his claim ticket to someone else in line ahead of me (touche, I thought). And then as he got his coat and walked by me, he poked me with his finger and began saying something to me, to which I quickly responded, "Don't touch me you little prick". His friend moved him along, apologizing profusely to me. I rolled my eyes. As I do. The BF seemed unsure about what would happen. I wondered if he really thought I would shove, or even hit, this person. It surprised me a little.

My friend Todd described me years ago as being a "Jack Russell Terrier in a Rottweiler's body". Cute huh? There is some truth in there, as I am not entirely unlike a dog: kick me and I will come back a few minutes later completely forgetting that the kicking took place, or even ignoring that it happened altogether. But kick a person who loves me and I will attack you. Simple.

Back in the bar, the "little prick" could have stood there and poked me with his twinkie finger and it would have only annoyed me. But had he confronted The BF, or any other friend of mine for that matter, he would have faced me - all of me. Would I want to get into a fight? No. Would I do it anyway? No.

Or would I?

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