Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Gem Sweaters & Body Shots

Somewhere around 7:00 tonight marks the official one-year anniversary of my meeting The BF - outside the Briar Street Theatre and Blue Man Group. At first, I saw him from across the street. Eyes met, smiles widened, and we began the solid friendship that we now have. We didn't officially become boyfriends for several more months, after I moved here from DC. But today is just as special.

So Happy Anniversary, KB! (Sort of.)

In other news, I was indoctrinated into the world of Leslie and The Lys last night at Funky Buddha Lounge. Mere words escape me in trying to explain what I saw last night. So I will defer to new friend Jen and her blog to see pictures and video of Leslie Hall and what she's about. The BF has been talking about Leslie for months; she's high, raucous energy clad in gem sweaters, gold pants and sequinned sneakers. She is definitely something to experience in person. Combining Leslie's performance (sans Lys this time), meeting new friends, $2 PBR's, and watching a bride-to-be do a body shot off of The BF's neck, made it a fun and certainly memorable evening.


  1. happy pseudo-versary to you too, huns. and thanks for breaking curfew to go to the show last night.

  2. It was so great to meet you yesterday - I'm glad you broke curfew as well! And looking forward to having burgers and drinks sometime soon!