Wednesday, May 31, 2006

June 1st

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2005 - Babysit Tucker (neighbor's 5 year old Golden Retriever)

2004 - Seth's (nephew) graduation (high school)

2003 - Ashley and I shop around Georgetown in DC.

2002 - John's (another nephew) graduation (high school)

2001 - Clean apartment and go to JR's and Badlands (now Apex) with Ashley

1999 - Rehoboth Beach with Ex#3, dinner at Yum Yum

1998 - Finish moving into Georgetown apartment.

1997 - Dinner at Mr. Henry's, then bar hop to Remington's, Ziegfeld's and the Eagle with friend David.

1996 - Shop for futons with friend Scott

1995 - Graduation (college) party for Ray (cousin)

1993 - Rent "Lost in Yonkers" with Kathy and Jelita

1992 - Move into apartment on Washington Street for summer break. Kim (sister) and Lance (friend) visit.

1991 - Haircut at 11; eye appointment at 2:30; go to Deer Park Lodge (DPL) with Jeff, Matt, David, Joe, Tomas, Dave, Matt G., and Steve.

1990 - Go to DPL with Jeff and Matt

1988 - Mike's (brother) graduation (high school)

1987 - Visit friend Todd; dinner & movie.

1986 - Second paper due in Advanced Composition Class (summer schedule)

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  1. Lost in Yonkers, Mercedes Reuhl (sp?)---that's a blast from the past!