Thursday, June 01, 2006


With news of US Marines allegedly killing unarmed Iraqi civilians, "W" released a statement saying, "If in fact these allegations are true, the Marine Corps will work hard to make sure that that culture — that proud culture — will be reinforced."

When I read that, I wondered if it would be same type of punishment as when he said this about the Valerie Plame/CIA Leak scandal: "If somebody committed a crime, they will no longer work in my administration." Last I checked, only Scooter Libby was indicted over this leak. Just one man. And that was almost a year ago. I wonder how many people actually work in the "W" administration? Thousands, I would guess. And out of that number, just one person is to blame. He did it all by himself. Stupendous.

But a broken promise is nothing new to "W". Remember these gems?:

If, in fact, members of the US military have randomly killed unarmed citizens, no matter where they are or what their nationality, this should be treated with swift and just retribution. While I completely support our military, and am personally thankful for their efforts, it would be inexcusable for this administration to not punish any person who commits such a heinous crime while acting on behalf of the United States.

"W"'s promises were real, yet his execution has been pathetic. His administration has been allowed to run around the playground, completely unchecked, thanks to a stacked judicial system and a party-favored congress. A child will only misbehave as long as he is not disciplined. And yet you - yes, YOU, America - rewarded his behavior by reelecting him. And now YOU bitch that you don't like him anymore.

Just think, we are only half way through his reelection term. We still have two more years to go. Stop for a second and think about what the country -- indeed the world -- could be like in two more years of this unchecked and undisciplined behavior of this administration. And then thank God you live in a country where you have the power to change it all in 5 months.

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