Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Boob Jobs And Clear Shoes

Suffice is to say that it was a great 4-day vacation. We saw the three amazing shows I listed on Friday (The BF managed to score some absolutely AWESOME seats in each theater), plus alot of other fun stuff that only The BF and I would think was funny (like seeing "Borat" and the "Meaty Midget Ballerina Stripper" and bored teenagers on floats and me falling ass over tin cups in the lazy river). All priceless you-had-to-be-there stuff.

Las Vegas has to be THE best place on earth to people-watch. I've never seen so many boob jobs in one place in my life. And the couples we saw simply proved the addage that men grow old and out of shape, while women fight like hell to stay young and thin. Before we arrived, The BF said that the two things I will see most are boob jobs and clear shoes. And he was right.

My first trip to Vegas (and certainly not my last) was a huge success. And I had the ideal travel companion. And with a nod to the last trip we took back in May, "the actor Nicolas Cage" figured into this vacation as well - he was in our audience watching the same performance of Le RĂªve. Perfection.

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  1. meaty midget ballerina stripper.

    That was my nickname in high school.