Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Tuesday night, The BF treated me to another trip to the circus, this time seeing Corteo, another installment of the Cirque du Soleil family, at the United Center in Chicago. Once again, great seats. When we saw the last two shows, we sat near the front, which was perfect for them because of all the intimate acts and the nature of the shows (this would be Ka and Le Reve in Vegas). But this time, The BF chose seats near the back which proved a very smart idea. This show is much more grand with long parades and large props. Sitting too close would have muffled the vision.

He's just really smart.

And what these acrobats do with their bodies makes me ashamed of myself. I bitch about my knees aching when I get up from a chair, and I saw a man spinning a woman around with his teeth, a group of beefy Russian men tossing women around like they were rag dolls, and a woman who was 3 feet tall backwardly molding her body into the letter "C". And with usual Cirque style, it is all accompanied with accordian-playing clowns and lute-strumming lasses.

The premise, I think, is about a clown who sees his own death, and takes the time to look back on his life, seeing old friends and dancing with past loves, before he journies off into the bright light. In retrospect, it was emotional. And I thought of my own journies through life. Last July, I wrote:
"Having lived in DC for the last 10 years, I have found my life to be stagnate and lacking much interest. I was asked recently what my hobbies are, and I didn’t have an answer. So it's time to invigorate myself. And my gut tells me that Chicago is the place to do it."
It has not been a year yet, and so far I have been to 12 theatrical performances, traveled outside the country, and visited Vegas for the first time. And The BF has been the catalyst that has made all that happen. Every day that I am here is another day that I realize that moving here was the absolute right decision. Life is great. Life is magical.

Like a circus.


  1. Dop, the circus experience you had sounds great. I've seen a Cirque Du Soleil event before and understand how majical they can be. This one sounds like one that I should see. Also, nice moment of reflection in your post too. It does appear that your move to Chicago has been a very positive experience for you. Here's to you continuing to grow.

  2. Funny(not haha, odd),

    Although your reflection upon how your move to Chicago was good for you and brought on by the show, I too have seen several of the shows, Alegria, Dralion, Varekai & O. My bf and I have sworn off thier shows. Their ticket price it way to high for the same show over and over again. "oh look a contortionist with feathers in (a box, air or water - you choose). Oh look, little Asian children jumping around on (see-saw, mid-air or water - you choose), etc., etc., etc. I found the music hauntingly dull and made to sound etherial with a twist of international flavor through the instuments used. It's sure not a dance mix. But I'm glad you liked it. The only saving grace are the great bodies the performers have and I can see that anywhere here in NYC, as you could in Chicago. But I'm so happy the show brought you to a place of great reflection. Which is what great art should do. So, I guess art, like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  3. thanks for going with me. despite the small seats & your broad shoulders, i wouldn't have picked anyone else to be crammed in next to me.

    and in response to ryan, i can see that after a certain point circus shows start to show signs of repetition; but the innovation shown in each show really is spectacular. having done some of the stuff (only the tip of the iceberg), you realize how truly amazing these performers are. and no, it's not madonna... and it's no dance-mix. thankfully.

  4. That's what happens when your soul mate gives you the opportunity to discover new things. It makes your life that much more enjoyable.
    Thanks for sharing. Big hairy muscle hugs to both of you.