Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Glass Houses

Actually, maybe it wasn't a massage after all. Maybe he was trying to choke her and realized the cameras were on. I mean, he is all for killing adults, just not embryos that are a day old.

Sigh. And the Republicans were soooo very quick to call Bill Clinton a pervert. Perhaps they should just keep their noses in their own back yards. Personally, I'd rather my president fondle a 22 year old intern than a 52 year old elected official from another country. "W" can't even do THAT right!

He disappoints me every day.


  1. Dop: Isn't this post a bit of verbal overkill? Definitely no pun intended!

  2. We were at a party last weekend and overheard a conversation that made me thing. I'll paraphrase here.

    Whatever your thoughts on the Bush family, you can't deny that the rest of them are not stupid rednecks. They are educated, classy, New England bluebloods. Don't you sometimes wonder what the rest of them *really* think of George W., who doesn't seem to have a clue how to act and what to say?