Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Just Farting Around

Last weekend The BF told me that the average person farts 14 times a day. If 14 is the average, then I guess that also means that there are people who don't fart at all, and people who fart 28 times a day.

Farting 28 times a day. That's like a fart and a toot every hour. Sad thing is, I know some of those people. And they know who they are.

According to Crappers Quarterly (I mean, really, who would know more than these guys?), on average, a person produces about half a liter of fart gas per day, distributed over an average of about 14 daily farts. Whereas it may be difficult for you to determine your daily flatus volume, you can certainly keep track of your daily numerical fart count. You might try this as a science fair project: Keep a journal of everything you eat and a count of your farts. You might make a note of the potency of their odor as well. See if you can discover a relationship between what you eat, how much you fart, and how much they smell.

That is, of course, if you are lonely and have no friends.


  1. yeah, yeah, yeah... i know who i am.

  2. I wasn't pointing fingers. Or pulling them either, for that matter.

  3. Say what you will I enjoy tooting now and again. Think Dutch oven