Thursday, August 17, 2006

August 18

I have been keeping a journal since 1982. It was a project started in an English class in high school and I have managed to keep it going for over 20 years now. Every so often, I will look back on a particular day, just to see what I was doing, say 5, 10 even 20 years ago. I have done this before on October 20th, November 29th, January 12th, March 23rd, and June 1st.

Today being August 18th, I went back through the last 24 years to see where I was and what I was doing on this day many years back:

2005 - Spent the day traveling to Sacred Heart Hospital to prep for open heart surgery the following day to repair 4 blocked arteries. Surgery began at 12:30pm and ended at 6:30pm. Recovery followed.

2004 - Arrived in Provincetown just in time for the Carnival Parade down Commonwealth. Drunken revelry followed.

2003 - 9:30 appointment with Dr. Markowitz (dentist) for a routine cleaning.

2002 - Took the day off to recuperate from my friend Poodle's weekend visit from NYC.

2001 - Apartment shopped - looked at 1619 Swann at 4:00. Had dinner with friend Steve T. Went to JR's afterwards.

2000 - Went to Philly for the weekend and experienced my first (and only) time in a bathhouse with a British pilot I met at Woody's named Danny.

1999 - Worked until 8pm then went to JR's with friend "Bodybuilder Bill".

1997 - Fully recovered from a bout with pink eye. Went to Cobalt (the original one before the, um . . . "fire") with Ex#3.

1995 - Submitted resignation from my job so that I could move to DC to start my new job on September 15th.

1994 - Friend Ron M. calls from Israel. Go to Pittsburgh with friend Kathy V. to see her sister in a production of Noises Off. Prepare for 10-Year high school reunion the following day. Take Kathy as my date. Fool everyone. I think.

1993 - Mail deposit for phone service (had to do that back then). Watch Peter's Friends at friend Rick C.'s place. Call Ex#2 in NYC.

1992 - Rent car for drive to South Carolina to pick up Ex#2 and bring back to school for senior year.

1990 - Shopping at the mall and see Ghost with best friend Jeff.

1987 - Water rationing begins due to drought in western Maryland.

1986 - Attend a seminar in Shippensburg, PA for work at hotel.

1985 - Visit friends Pam and Chris to see their new baby.

1984 - Work 11-3 at McDonald's (yep, did that in high school).

1983 - Football practice. Chosen as Co-Captain for my senior year. Cookout at friend Dave's house.

1982 - Babysit for neighbor's kids 9am - 1pm, then go to library to cram summer reading before school starts back in one week.


  1. hglad you're still with us a year later, even if ya did get taken out of DC in the process.

  2. dop :: that is amazing that you have all that down in such detail for such a long time back. i stopped journaling back in april 2004 when i started my blog, and now i wish i hadn't. you've inspired me to start again. my journals go back to 1988.

  3. I wish I had done this. And, yes... it only takes once at the baths.