Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hanes Some Other Way

Have you seen the commercial for Hanes underwear with Michael Jordan and Kevin Bacon? It shows them cavorting around, with Kevin trying, in different scenarios, to make a basket - whether its trying to throw something in a trashcan or maybe clothes in a hamper. With each attempt, his shot is blocked by MJ.

Cute, isn't it.

Until I saw the commercial for like, oh, the 50th time, and realized that the two actors are pieced together in one shot. They weren't even in the same studio at the same time!

Were these two guys that busy that they had to shoot their scenes on different days, in possibly different cities, in order to make an underwear commercial?? It's underwear, forpetesake. The whole spot lasts maybe 15 seconds. And Michael gives the same action in all his scenes - shaking his head in disbelief while flashing that "oh, you unathletic white boy you" smile of his - it could be the same shot over and over. Hell, it might not ever be Jordan's arm in the shot; it could just be a stand-in.

However whatever animosity I might feel over this commercial is quickly erased by the new Hanes commercial of the two guys playing a form of dodgeball in their skivvies. Holy Schnikes!

Does it make any sense? Nah. Do I care? Not a bit! But I wonder if MJ can now be included in the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Game even though he really is not in the same room with him?