Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Kinda Helpless

Last week, I received this email from Mom:
Have some news for you. A truck went over the wall this morning in our front yard and smashed up the back end of our van. Thank goodness no one was hurt. It was a pickup truck that was parked in front of Carters's house and went out of gear and drifted backwards down Parkersburg Road and ended up in our front yard. There was no one in the truck when it happened. I was sitting at the dining room table reading the paper and heard this crash and thought "what in the world was that?". When I looked out, there was a truck laying on its side in the front yard. I will send you some pictures when I get them in the computer. I was really rattled for a while but I am ok now. Never a dull moment.
And even though both of my brothers and my sister all live within two miles of my parents' house, I still felt guilty for not being there to help in the situation; or at least to comfort them. But then they have my sister Kim, who is a steel magnolia and is the rock of the family; my younger brother Matt who is the go-getter and will see to it that my parents are covered; and then there's Mike, the youngest brother, who somehow finds humour in everything and keeps people laughing. So with those three, I could see where I was not necessarily needed. But I still felt helpless being 1,200 miles away from them during something like this.

My parents (and I, for that matter) have an amazing support system in my siblings. Since they have all lived near one another for so long, they have adapted to roles - Kim comforts, Matt fixes, Mike laughs. My role, if I have one, is perhaps that of validator. Matt makes decisions and then looks to me for affirmation; Kim will call me whenever she's the one who needs to talk; Mike's main goal seems to be to get me laughing so hard I cry. They are a great group of people, and I guess if I cannot be near my folks in a time of crisis, I am so thankful that my brothers and sister are.

Oh yeah, the truck that fell into the yard. Here are some pictures Mom sent me later in the day. Its baffling how a truck can just tip over a wall and not roll any further. Not one scratch on the house, the front porch, the roof supports, or even the driveway. Only Mom's van suffered minor damage. Amazing.


  1. Amazing....perhaps the truck was committing suicide and didn't want to hurt anyone else.

  2. Holy crap that is messed up! Someone could have gotten seriously hurt! Glad your family is safe.

  3. The bigger question is how do you get the truck out without "one scratch on the house, the front porch, the roof supports, or even the driveway?"