Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Project Runway Recap

I am not one to do re-caps of shows, but the last few Project Runway's have been so stressful that I have a few things to share.

First of all, last night was Angela's long overdue good-bye (now she can go back to the farm in Ohio with her whiney, big baby of a mother and shoot squirrels with cousin Jack, the "redneck jetsetter" or whatever the hell cousin Phyllis calls him). That outfit she made last night looked ridiculous. Having no concept of what a jetsetter is means that Angela's future aspirations of designing clothes falls someplace between WalMart and Dollar General. I seriously think she should look into designing for children, because that outfit had "2-year old" all over it.

Kayne sorta had the right idea, but it got blown away in the windmills of his mind. I think the print on the shirt would have been just fine had it been in muted grays or black instead of white and fuschia - something to catch the light rather than something to make you go blind. Kayne can be a bit tacky and last night showed that. He seems to drop the ball when designing anything other than a pageant gown.

Laura's dress was a sliiiight departure from what she has done so far, but all of her clothes are constructed for high-waisted women with no tits - in short, for herself. I thought the champagne colour of her dress was awful and would not be flattering on most women, showing every bump and flaw. I do think that she will be in the top four though.

The others in the top four wil be Jeffrey (who's outfit last night might have been cool but I've seen it a thousand times already), Uli (it takes alot of talent to put patterns like that together and not look like a clown), and my fave Michael (who, I expect, P. Diddy or Jay-Z will be snagging up to work on their lines).

Now about last week --

Yes, Robert deserved to go but in his defense there is only so much you can do with a size 26 woman. I think if he had not been so boring in his last few challenges, he would have survived that round. I think the REAL challenge should have been for ALL of them to design for plus size models. The playing field, on the show, was not level at all.

And back to Angela's big baby of a mother ....

And now off of her again.

Uli should have won that challenge because Kayne's momma looked adorable. Vincent's dress for Uli's mother was HEINOUS. A collar that doesn't continue around the back of the neck? Uli's mother already has a ton of style - she would have looked good in one of those peanut sacks from the recycled challenge. But Vincent made a dress with no collar and no sleeves that was bunchy. Yet the judges loved it.

The judges lately have been very contradictory: Michael Kors told Kayne that "younger" is not a bad word, but Angela's dress for Laura's mother was not "age appropriate". Robert was told to not listen to his client and think like a designer, but Jeffrey was told to stop doing what he wanted and listen to his client. This was all in the same episode.

The BF says that eliminations 1-12 don't really matter, that the judges have long ago decided who the top three will be and its just a matter of getting rid of everyone else at some point throughout the competition. And I think he's probably right. That being said, I can't wait until next Wednesday. Carry on!


  1. OMG, you are so spot on. I was JUST thinking about those contradictions yesterday too, but I didn't actually sit down to catalog them. You can't tell one guy he has to please the client while telling the other guy that the client might not be right. Oooh, do you suppose that's why they split the comments section up into two groups, where the contradictory opinions could be dispensed without some designer saying "That's not what you said 20 seconds ago!"?

    I was sure Angela would survive longer, if for no other reason than the show clearly likes having the Angela/Jeffrey conflict. I guess now they're just hoping that Vincent's huge ego for his awful designs will be enough to keep the drama factor on the show -- kinda like Santino, now that I think of it.

  2. Wow - "big baby of a mother" - I dunno about you, but if someone spoke to my mother like that, I'd be pissed. The fact that she was crying because of it is immaterial, but easily critiqued (as you've done).
    Being an asshole has nothing to do with beign a good designer and Jeffrey was just that - an asshole. He didn't have the biggest model, he didn't have the pickiest model, he REFUSED to listen to her ideas...and then he got angry when she gave an honest opinion.

    I really think she did very little wrong, besides feeling bad about his actions.

    Having said that, Angela certainly deserved to go home when she did, but Kayne and Uli (I'm sorry, she did look like a clown - a loose fitting, ill-conceived, badly sewn clown) were nearly as bad.

  3. SeangSTM - You're right, no one would have ever talked to my mom that way because she would have cracked him across the face for being disrespectful. The fact that Angela's mother made it a big sob story and got the other mothers involved to pity her was a bit much. Jeffrey talked to her that way because he talks to Angela that way. If Angela would stand up for herself instead of feed into Jeffrey's taunts, the whole shebang would have gone down differently.