Thursday, September 07, 2006

Congress Fights Hollywood - Again

Yesterday it was announced that Congressional Democrats are trying to get ABC-TV to pull a miniseries about the September 11th attacks that makes then-President Bill Clinton and his aides look inept. It will be interesting to see if the Democrats have as much pull with the networks as the Republicans.

Remember, if you will, just a mere three years ago that Nancy Reagan and the Republicans pressed CBS-TV to pull the miniseries, The Reagans, because it "distorted Ronald Reagan's legacy". Nancy and the boys were successful at having it taken off of basic cable television, but the movie aired on CBS affiliate Showtime instead. I, incidentally, bought the DVD. Not because of my love of Reagan (of which there is a sore lack thereof), but because I have always had an interest in the Presidents (current one excluded, of course).

I guess now we will see if sitting Democrats have as much pull in TV-Land as an ex-First Lady with concerns that a movie might tarnish her husband's reputation and contributions? Perhaps Hillary should be the one to give ABC-TV a call instead.